This page is a list of userboxes in the Writing Club and shows the recently made ones and categories of userboxes. Generally, userboxes are coloured boxes which can contain images or text that describes the user's interests and other informations. In order to insert them on your user page, you'll only need to copy its code to the page and it will appear after saving. You are free to make your own userboxes, but if you cannot, you can ask a user that has the Want a specific userbox? Ask me! userbox.

The userboxes here listed are approved and ready for use.

NOTE: Userboxes are still in development so only admins and trustable users will know how to make userboxes. After the userboxes go out of the development mode they will be open for everyone and here will the creating process be explained. This is because of some security reasons and to protect the Club from some data errors.

Adding userboxes to your user pageEdit

  1. Find a userbox you want to add to your page. You can find many precreated userboxes on this page and its subpages.
  2. Copy the code. The code is usually displayed next to the userbox. If you can't find the code it is the name of the article minus "Template:" between two opening and closing curly braces { }.
  3. Paste the code on your page.

Organizing your userboxesEdit

If you find your userboxes are all over your user page, then feel free to make use of Template:Userboxesend  and its companion Template:Userboxesend. These templates will sort everything between them into a table, making all your userboxes into a nice, clean list. An example how it should look like is below:

Userbox text


Click on a category to go to the page containing all userboxes related to the selected category of userboxes.




Personal information


More categories will be added once more userboxes will be made.

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