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  • RueButtercup

    Blood on the Pines

    June 26, 2012 by RueButtercup

    This is a Fanfiction written by RueButtercup. The protagonist is fourteen-year-old Linnea Green from District Seven. It's a Hunger Games fanfiction.

    Please don't copy anything from it.

    I hate the Reaping Day. I hate the Capitol. I hate the cruel Games idea the Capitol got three years ago.

    The Dark Days were terrible, but they were better. They were our choice. We wanted that. But they went wrong, the Capitol won. They got their "good idea" about the games.

    The sun is rising over the pines. The sky is pink and beautiful, if I only could forget that today is going to be a nightmare. I lean against the pine tree and I let the smell flood my nostrils and let me dream. I love pine trees, I love decidous trees, I love all kinds of trees. My favourit…

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