aka Rainface, Rain

  • I live in a musical wonderland with my m8s, Mr. Todd, Mr. Hamilton, the Heathers, Wendla and Melchoir, and Winny Foster
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is cooking and acting, because I know how to kill you, make your body taste nice, and lie straight through my teeth
  • I am silently judging you because wth is your problem?
  • Rainfacestar

    Okay, well, GlimmerandSparkle of THGWiki has an 81st Hunger Games and sense she has gotten up to Nina killing Spike, no farther, so I will be writing to that point, enjoy =)

    Who are you? Oh, did Cary, my younger sister, tell you that I had a story to tell you? Sounds like her, any way, come, I shall tell you all now. But I will warn you, this is not a happy story, it is a terrible one about the Hunger Games, the one I was in. I still cry every night and have nightmares about it. Oh, young Lily, please come in, your grandmother has probably told you this story but you might as well see it through my eyes...

    I woke bright and early because my father was screaming at me from downstairs. I sighed and walked downstairs. "Yes father?" I asked, gla…

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