Hi, first of all, happy Christmas to all of you who read this. :-)

So, let's get to the case. There are so much orphaned stories, abandoned or discontinued stories which is a real issue in my opinion. Firstly, some new member may think that we aren't up-to-date and that no one is active here. If somebody gave up on a story, an admin should ask them whether to delete the story, or keep it with somebody else who would continue writing it. It's not really nice to see a really great start of a story that was last time edited months ago (there are so many examples for this; I give honor to the rare ones who finished their stories).

We should do some more organising, as well. Personally, there is a lot of work now for us, the admins. And, another quite big issue - people are forgetting that they've joined here. So many users are being less and less active. In my eyes, only Victory and I are currently active here... People, wake up and log on to the Club! Continue your stories, write some new ones and invite some friends to join us!

Hopefully this will change in the forthcoming year. Nikola (Let's talk) 14:27, December 25, 2012 (UTC)

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