I finally managed to build up the code for the userbox template so we can have them here! Profiles are going to look better now! :-)

I only made the base for the userbox template. In order to make different userbox templates, I'll must make a page for every single userbox, but it's a really quick job. 

Never mind, I'm now available to hear your suggestions what kinds of userboxes to make and I'll begin working! I have like thosuands of types in mind but I need your ideas on the first place! Any types, like what music do you hear, how many edits do you have, to the favourite game, favourite story here etc. Just name it, I'll make it!

If you want to see how the base looks, it's like all the userbox bases on other wikis - the same look and structure. Type Template:Userbox in the search box and voila! Keep in mind that it is the base for the real userboxes. But they do all work on the same principles.

I need opinions so write them in the comments. Thanks!

Nikola (Let's talk) 19:37, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

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