• NikolaSims

    Hi, first of all, happy Christmas to all of you who read this. :-)

    So, let's get to the case. There are so much orphaned stories, abandoned or discontinued stories which is a real issue in my opinion. Firstly, some new member may think that we aren't up-to-date and that no one is active here. If somebody gave up on a story, an admin should ask them whether to delete the story, or keep it with somebody else who would continue writing it. It's not really nice to see a really great start of a story that was last time edited months ago (there are so many examples for this; I give honor to the rare ones who finished their stories).

    We should do some more organising, as well. Personally, there is a lot of work now for us, the admins. And, another …

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  • NikolaSims

    I finally managed to build up the code for the userbox template so we can have them here! Profiles are going to look better now! :-)

    I only made the base for the userbox template. In order to make different userbox templates, I'll must make a page for every single userbox, but it's a really quick job. 

    Never mind, I'm now available to hear your suggestions what kinds of userboxes to make and I'll begin working! I have like thosuands of types in mind but I need your ideas on the first place! Any types, like what music do you hear, how many edits do you have, to the favourite game, favourite story here etc. Just name it, I'll make it!

    If you want to see how the base looks, it's like all the userbox bases on other wikis - the same look and struc…

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  • NikolaSims

    So, what do you think? The first templates! I need opinions in order to make them better!

    Here they are:

    Dialogue (to list all stories from a author under one of his stories)

    Incomplete (to let people know about the current status of the story, has customizable text input so it can be used also to tell that the story is, let's say abandoned, ended etc.)

    If needed, I'll also write under the templates on their pages what is customizable and where (and how).

    Nikola (Let's talk) 19:24, December 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • NikolaSims

    Wiki-related 2:Templates

    December 3, 2012 by NikolaSims


    I want to add some templates here to make this Club a little more visual. I know the CSS stuff and template building, so I only need the other admins to approve. I want to make the Ambox template, Userbox template and some other templates to use them on the main page. What do you think? (admins only). I guarantee I won't mess up things here because I know how to build templates and every step of the building and adding to the Common.css page is documented on the Template Wiki. In order to test things, I'll make a sandbox page for my profile. If you don't agree and are afraid that I'll mess up something, I understand. Just a little opinion gathering.

    Nikola (Let's talk) 19:58, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • NikolaSims

    So, in a very long time nobody responded for the applications for administrative privileges here. Ergo (latin for so), I decided to answer to those applications. Please check out the page, and admins and the users who applied, in order to select new admins. I know I'm a new admin, but I think I have the right to show my opinion for those applications. If nobody else shows their opinion, I'll wait some time to see if the users are active. If they are, I'll choose 1 (low chances for 2) admins.

    If there are no problems, that's it. Contact me on my talk page if needed.

    Nikola (Let's talk) 16:27, December 2, 2012 (UTC)

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