His Diary Her Dairy

22 June, 2012.

Just back from school. Its Friday, so I had English with Deepika. She got 9 upon 10 today, highest mark, again. She's so brilliant. We today had matching shirts. She said hi and smiled, but when I tried to answer, only air came out. It happened like every other day. We stared at each other. She must think I am impolite, but I try. I wish I could talk to her, but she is so smart and I become so stupid infront of her. Whenever she smiles to me my eyes become like big meatballs. When Sir told our marks, he said "Deepika and Abhay" did the best. Our names were taken together. I am so happy, and I am being so silly. Its going to be 5 p.m. She must have started studing by now. I should go study too. I wish I was a little smart........

22/06/2012 - 4:50pm ----> he waz looking so damn hot today, oh god. it looks more awesome when those beautiful grey-green eyes r covered in that sophisticated specs. i didnt know he had eye problem, but glasses coundnt change the inside of the guy. I said hi when he was parking cycle, but he couldnt answer, i wish he was a little brave, then in class i smiled but he gave me a horrified look. hell, but i can see that he wants to talk, and he sees me, oh cant he see? O Abhay wake up, im not a tiger, i wont eat u. plz be a little brave. o nevermind, i wore a violet 'kurti' and he wore a milk-violet t ;) thanx mum for choosing my dress :] oh its Cars on tv. wait mater has green eyes, awesome. GO MATER, LOL, XD, bye, ttyl.
PS - he got 8 out of 10 in test, he's trying more hard, cool. so who's crush got 2nd highest? Dee's crush, Dee's crush :D . i'll try 2 talk again on tuesday, hoping he talks 2 to me :)

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