It was beyond pity I felt for her it was almost like I owed her. Somehow.

I know I didn’t owe her anything.

I feel the hot burn of the coals on my face, and hear he thud of the punch.

“feed it to the pig you stupid creature, why not! No one decent will buy burn bread!

My mother yelled

Now was my chance. I carried the big loaves outside. She looked weak.

I was about to walk to her and give them to her. But I realized that my mother was watching from the door frame, with her arms crossed.

She looked at me as if to get rid of the bread…

I started picking off bits of the bread, as small as I could to the pigs.

I took a quick glance at the door and he wads gone.. now was my chance. I threw the bread in the mud, In her direction. I ran back inside, and immediately regretted my decision to throw them in the rain.

I look at the window, in and catch my reflection, and nurse my soon to be black eye.

That’s what playback in my head, while she slowly walked to the stage. She was more brave then anyone I know. Not a tear in her eyes. I know what she’s trying to do. Look like a tribute, someone who is ready to play the games. And she’s good at it.

But I know her better then that. She volunteered for her sister prim. She has a heart, despite what anyone says

She so beautiful. Even n the face o the games. Her hair braided, with a soft blue dress. She- Peeta mellark. What did she say? P-e-e-t-a M-e-l-l-a-r-k that’s me.

Im going into the games. Everyone has cleared a path for me, and is staring.

Its time for me to walk now. One foot in front of the other. My palms are sweaty, I feel the fear creeping down my back into my ankles. The sun is beating down on me. I walk slowly as I can to the stage. It’s silent. Before I know it im on stage with katniss shaking hands I suddenly become aware of of what is happing, I squeeze her hand as I waken.

He anthem plays. “ may the odds be ever in your favor”.

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