Chapter 1

I breathe deeply, staring through the murky window of my Posrche. "Don't worry!" I tell myself, "Just remember what mom told you and you will be fine!" Today, my first day at high school. I never thought Mom and Dad would let me go though. But when they were sure i had stopped growing, they let me. "Remember honey," Mom had sais just before I left this moring, "Just try not to show anyone anything and you will be fine!" Okay, i can do that. Just don't show anyone anything, easy. I take one last quick breath and step out into the murky daylight of Forks High School. Almost at once every eye is on me. I clutch my books to my chest, Jacob told me this would happen, "You have the immortal beauty of a vampire but the goodness of a human girl, you have nothing to worry about." He had wanted to drive me to school today, but I had refused. I am already enough of a freak, i don't need to add being driven to school by my 20 year old soul mate. I'm only 16! (in human years) give me a break! Okay, you can do this. Your Renesme Cullen, for godness sake! With these quick thought i slowly begin to make my way thorugh the parking lot, when i fall straight onto my face. This annoys me, I thought vampyres were supposed to be elgent! Well wasn't elegant there, thats for sure. I am about get up when a soft voice next to me says: "Woah, you ok? Let me help you up." I look around and see a face. Blonde hair frames his face, his big blue eyes are framed by thick golden lashes. He could pass as a vampyre, without the golden eyes. "Thanks," I say, looking at him under my lashes (hey, i may be the daughter of two of vampyres, but I've read magazines! I know how to flirt!) "It's nothing, I'm El." The boy smiles, holding out his hand. I take it happily, suprised at his strong grip. "El? Thats a name i have never heard before." I smile, gathering up my books. "Oh yeah,it's short for Elliot." He gives a cute grin, as me start to walk over to the main entrance. "Oh," I say, feeling like an idiot, trying to hide my obvious blushes. "I'm Renesme." He laughs, his arm brushing up against mine. "Wow, what a nice name! How did your parents come up with it?" I look at him, a smile is still spread over his face, gosh he is cute. "Renesme?" El says, breaking me from my trance. I shiver, gosh it sounds nice when he says my name.

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