Okay, so I figured I would try making a blog post, cause I never have before. This is just info on what I'm writing right now. Oh, and just so you know, they both take place at the current time.

So there's my first story, Remember Me. It's about 14-year-old Corina Summers, who is coping with the recent death of her sister. Soon after, she is forced to adapt to the completely new environment of a big city. The whole thing is basically about what happens in her life and how she deals with things, the tradgedy seeming to effect everything she does. Especially because her world seems to have been turned upside down because of it. She also learns quite a bit about herself, and changes, just like the rest of her life. (Not everything in it is definite though cause I'm only on Chapter 4 right now:))

Then there's my second one, Secret Ocean. This one, I'm writing with Felicia (WriteForever!). It's out of 2 POVs. I don't usually write stories like this, but here goes: it's about mermaids. Yeah, I know, it might sound stupid, but it's not exactly the typical story you'd expect for mermaids...:) Here's the basic summary:

The secret underwater world of the merfolk is breaking out into war. There are seven clans, each fighting against the others for territory. Amidst all of these arguments and violence though, the merfolk still have to live. Including those who are not actually fighting. For instance, take the two main characters. 15-year-old Axelle Crystal and Linnea Pearl are from opposite sides of the world. They are both a part of two enemy clans: the Coral Clan and the Ice Clan. However, during the war, the normal people from the clans are forced to stay in the same army bases. Naturally, the 15-year-olds from these two clans are sworn enemies as their parents would like them to be, but after a while, something unusual happens. The two girls realize, despite the obvious differences, that they are not so different. And, with their help, the merfolk world might just be able to get their priorities straight again... (Again, things could change. We've just started.)

Hope you like them!!! Did I do okay in my first blog post?:) Are the summaries useful/good? Hope you take a chance on my stories if they interest you, and I'll leave another blog post when I publish my next story on here.

Thanks for reading!


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