The Third Grade War

It's the middle of the school year, and Ms. Balieys classroom has never been more divided. It's boys against girls on the playground, each gender plotting the other's downfall. Now, this would be pretty intimidating if the students hadden't been third graders. But as the tension at recess rises, and spies are sent out, can these witty students bet the opposing gender and pervail on the kickball courts, monkey bars, swings and playstructures?

Chapter One-


"Ree Ree!" Romiette's baby sister squeals as Romiette kisses her good bye. "I have to go to school!" Romiette runs outside to catch the bus, the one thats always late. She rocks back and forth on her feet, thinking about recess. Romiette's best friend, Jessica, or according to the other girls, Captian Jess had told her the plan. Since the enemy found out that Kali was spying on them, Romiette was the newly appointed spy. Why me? she wanted to ask. But then again, she knew the War was alreadly upon them. No time was to be wasted, as Captain Jess said.. The noisy bus screeches to a stop and Romiette gets on and sits next to a sleeping kindergardener.


"Yo! Jules!" Julio's friend James sat down on the bench Julio was on. "You know the plan at recess today? Mickey said that if you don't, that I need to tell you."

Julio nodded."I got it." The plan went like this- locate the enemy base, figure out who the spy is. Julio had an idea of who the spy was- someone small and quick. Amy, Erica, or Romiette. They'd found Kali hiding in the bushes nearby their base, so the enemy needed a new spy.

"I bet Mickey didn't tell you this though." James leaned over next to Julio and whispered in his ear:"Dude, you're the new spy. The enemy saw Jack, bro. We took a vote on the day you were sick, and everyone think's you're the dude for the job."

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