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  • Henryjh98

    User Groups

    August 23, 2012 by Henryjh98

    Hey, on several wikis, they have user groups. I was thinking we should create a few.

    User groups give certain users who get accepted privileges and they have specific purposes to help the wiki do better, like making articles better and more up to the standards. Others might help with coding. Then there might be ones that help certain articles.

    It would be awesome if we got some? Does anyone have any ideas?

    Here are two of mine.

    • The Embellishers- a group dedicated to editing all articles and making them higher standards
    • Animal Authorities-a group that focuses editing on stories about animals

    Just post your ideas and opinions in the comments below and let's see how this works out!

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  • Henryjh98

    User of the Month

    August 22, 2012 by Henryjh98

    Hello guys! What's up?

    On another wiki I am active on, every month they have an award that is User of the Month. Someone nominates another person, explains why, and then that person accepts/declines the nomination. Then we vote by placing the template underneath the nomination. At the end of the month, the user with the most votes wins and then it starts anew.

    Who agrees with me before I go ahead and create the page?

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  • Henryjh98

    Hey everyone. Henryjh98 here! So, you all know about my story Werewolf Haven ? And even more detailed, how Rainy and I are collaborating Werewolf Haven and Vampire Town ?

    Well, anyway, Rainy and I came up with an idea to promote our two stories even further, in a way in which YOU can participate in. . . . I GIVE YOU, THE WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRE WIKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any injury, suicidal thoughts, and even death are the user and only the user's responsibility. Any charges brought against Rainy and I will result in banishment from the country of Bahrain.

    Side effects may include drowsiness, addiction to werewolves, addiction to vampires, addiction to the wiki, addiction to me, fear of me, injury, dizziness, bad breath, bad …

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  • Henryjh98

    What is YOUR Favorite Book?

    Harry Potter

    The Hunger Games




    Percy Jackson, Red Pyramid, Lost Hero


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  • Henryjh98

    Story of the Week

    May 21, 2012 by Henryjh98

    What is the Best Story?


    A Bullet to the Past

    The Lions of Kubwa Pride

    Ground Ladder

    Vampire Town

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