Chapter 1 Bullies. Jerks. School. Feelers, many more. I hate them. They're very disgusting. Yeah, i'm sill going at school. I'm still 14 years old.

"Hey, nerdy!" a bully at school says at me with a smirk.

See? They are saying random things at people they don't know. Yeah, people they DON'T KNOW. And plus, they don't know what they are saying. Me? a nerd? what a funny tease.

"Announcement: All students, please come at the Special!" the announcer says.

After that announcement, they start shoving me out of the way. Until I fall. No one helps me. Wow. I really hate this life. Wait, Special Auditorium? we're only going in that auditorium when something very very very special will happen. I wonder what's this 'special' thing. Let's see.

"Welcome! Welcome!" says our teacher, Stephanie. "'re all here because something special will be....announced!"

"WHAT!?" a bully shouts.

"Let's welcome....Sir Romeo Redpath to announce and discuss this special thing!" Stephanie says while grinning like a crazy dog.

Romeo arrives with a smoke effect. Wow. Is this really something special?

"Hello! I'm here to announce the special thingy!" Romeo says while waving.

"CAN YOU JUST SAY IT!?" a bully shouts, again.

"Oh, someeone's excited here. So! Here! We will start a training tomorrow for a special 'adventure'. Divided into 45 groups, since they are so many students here. So, yeah! Even young will have to join the special adventure!" Romeo says while grinning like an evil.

What? No....I will not....going to an adventure. I hate adventures. Is this a deadly adventure? or whatever it is?

" is a deadly adventure." Romeo adds with an evil smirk.

No way! I can't die because of that nonsense adventure! No! All the students gasp, even the bullies. They are whispering each other. Their bully caps and them are like kissing because they are very stick to each other when whispering.

But, no time for fun now. Because, I am going to a deadly adventure.

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