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First one:

The charactersEdit

Alex (Leader): Spartan-712. One of the smartest spartans in the force. He is more worried about his troops than the preciding mission.

Caden (Heavy Weapons): Spartan-1105. A very skilled soldier. He's just slightly crazy. Not only can he eradicate enemies with his weapons, he's not a terrible sniper shot either.

Ryan (Driver/CQC) Spartan-371. Ryan drives the teams specialized warthogs. Even though they might be the "Best of the Best" He has a track record of crashes, being shot down, and "Technical" problems. But he's still a very good fighter on foot.

Will (Sniper) Spartan-313. Will is one of the best shots in the business. He doesn't miss. Unless he wants to, and even then, it's tough to not nail his target.

Hunter (Technical Specialist) Spartan-576. As good as he is with hacking, he can tear through enemy lines easily with his steadiness. He's hard to suprise, let alone trick.

Chapter 1: BaseEdit

I walked into the room with my waiting team.  They sat waiting. Times like these really ticked me off.  Command had deployed us on another hit and run op.  A huge Covie Supercarrier was floating in space, planning to glass our orbital station. I had friends on that station; friends that were fighting to defend our planet. But I also had friends down here, in this room. We'd been together for years, and had the scars and stories to prove it.

I gave them all the news. "So we get to fly into space again," Caden muttered, "Another big shuttle? or Sabres?"Does it matter?" inquired Hunter. "Yes," Caden replied, glancing at Ryan. "Hey!" he shouted, "One explosion! It was ONE explosion."

"In space" whispered Caden to Will, who snickered. "Cmon guys, It's a mission. We have to complete it." I told them. I got a collective sigh as a response. "Look, I'm not happy about it either, I don't enjoy these deployments either." Caden loaded his Grenade launcher. "Well," he said, "Lets blow up a supercarrier."

Chapter 2: SpaceEdit

I checked my team on my HUD. All pf their status lights were green. We were all good so far. Another squadron of Sabre fighters had joined us.

"We're approaching the supercarrier now." said Major Brown, the marine who was heading the Op. One of the status lights turned bright red. "Private!" I screamed into my helmet's speaker, "What's wrong?!" I glanced at his fighter. It looked like something was on top of it. Because there was. An elite ranger was tearing the fighter apart.

"How'd one get over here?" called Will, trying to blast the ranger. Then a blip appeared on our radar, a Covenant Spirit dropship was overhead. The ranger blasted the Sabre's engine. "AHHHHHHHH-" the soldier screamed. The Ranger roared as the ship completely exploded, cutting off both of them.

Caden had engaged the Spirit. It's cannon blasted his fighter in the wing, and the sabre began to fall apart. "Caden! Get out NOW!" I shrieked. Caden ejected as his fighter imploded to dust. He fell and I flew to catch him. He Aimed his launcher and fired an EMP grenade straight into the ship. He climbed into the secondary cockpit of my Sabre. The EMP of Caden's shot caused the ship's insides to decompress. I could imagine how all of the troops were dying inside. If not from the vacuum, the wreckage was crushing them to death. It was horrible, but they had earned it.

Chapter 3: SpaceEdit

The supercarrier was just in range. All of the side cannons turned towards our Sabre formation. "Evasive manuvers! " Called Major Brown.

The first blasts missed most of us. The Sabre pilots fired a volley of missles towards the guns. A group of Phantom dropships zoomed out of the hangar. "Phantoms inbound!" Called Hunter.

"Fight or Flee?" asked Caden. "Fight," I replied.

Turns out tha wasn't my best idea. As soon as we engaged the incoming phantoms, we lost two Sabres. I managed to get my squadron out of the main battle. Major and his 2 remaining troops were heading towards the hangar, with phantoms trailing behind him. "I have an idea," called Hunter, " Get me into that window."

I noticed the huge window right next to the hangar. "We'll have to hit it hard," said Ryan, "I don't know it these Sabres will hold if we just smash into it."

"You would be the expert on crashes," laughed Caden behind me. We managed to pick up a large amount of Covies inside the small room. They noticed the 5 fighters coming at them too late, and we smashed through the glass.

Chapter 4: SupercarrierEdit

If you ever decide to lead your squad of fighters through a window on a large spaceship, you've made a mistake. The vacuum sucked everything out of the room. The Covenant inside couldn't magnetize quickly enough. We had to jump out of our smashed Sabres. They were sucked through the gaping hole in the wall. "Magnetize!" I shouted into my helmet COM. Our boots stuck onto the floor.

We saw how bad the marines were. The Major had lost another one of his fighters, leaving him and one other. Almost all of the other phantoms were still intact. Hunter climbed over to a small monitor next to the vacuum.

"What are you doing?!" called Will.

"Those phantoms are AI controlled, I can shut them down from here!" Hunter replied. In seconds, all of the phantoms outside stopped atttacking, allowing the Major and his partner to enter the hangar.

"We need to get to the engine room and blow the engines." Caden said to us. Hunter held up a Holo-map.

"Right this way," he said as he lead us through a door. Ryan stopped. Will tensed as if something had grabbed him from behind.

A Covenant Elite, cloaked, had attacked us. He stabbed Will through the stomach, causing internal damage. Ryan blasted the elite in the face with a shotgun. The elite fell against wall and slumped down. I raced to Will's side. The wound was already cauterized by the heat of the plasma sword the elite had. I checked his Bio on my TACPAD. Not good, his heartbeat had slowed. "Cmon buddy, you'll be fine." I said as I administered first aid. I was the closest thing we had to a "medic".

"I'll... be fine." he whimpered, "Just finish the mission."

"Ryan, stay with him, protect him until we get back." I ordered, "Alright team lets move!" I said loudly. We ran off, minus Ryan and will, towards the engine room.

Chapter 5: SupercarrierEdit

Caden, Hunter, and I fought our way to the engine room. My DMR ran out halfway, so I ditched it for two needlers. The ammo that shot out caused small explosions that would easily take out infantry. Hunter mowed down the light infantry while Caden blasted past heavier stuff with his rockets. We finally arrived at our destination with really low ammo. The elites in the room had taken off their helmets due to the heat. "Easy pickings," I whispered. I drew my magnum pistol, and fired a clip. Every bullet hit it's mark. 8 elites fell.

Caden hooked his grenade launcher up to a matience port. He fired one grenade into it. "Okay," he said, "Whenever I hit the button, that grenade will blow, and the engines will overheat and tear themselves apart."

"And then what?" I asked. Something bashed a dent into the engine room door.

"Well we have about 15 minutes afterwards, then the ship falls into the atmosphere and burns up." Hunter replied, looking up from his TACPAD. Something was cutting through the door. We watched as the door fell apart. On the other side, holding an overheated Focus Rifle, was an Ascetic Elite.

"I thought Ascetics had died out!" cried Caden, drawing his Rocket launcher.

"Looks like they're making a comeback." Whispered Hunter as he held up his Assault rifle.

"Pathetic humans. You will fall before my blade." the Ascetic hissed. He held up something from his double thumbs: dog tags. Ryan and Will. I thought about them, two of the greatest friends I'd ever had, dead.

"I'll shove a grenade down your throat," I managed through clenched teeth. Caden let a rocket fire. The rocket hit head on, but the Elite's shield only flared. He slowly took an energy sword from his side and powered it up. Together, my team charged into battle.

Chapter 6: SupercarrierEdit

After about 5 minutes of fighting, the Ascetic had us pinned. Hunter had a crack in his visor. Blood poured from a wound in my shoulder. Caden had been knocked over the head, and he had passed out. "Ha! I have vanquished 4 humans today!" the elite shrieked. "Four?" I thought, "There were five of us!" I realized either Ryan or Will was still alive. But that didn't matter if we failed this mission. I crawled to Caden's crumpled form and took his launcher. With effort I hit the "Fire" button, and heard the explosion in the Cooling vent. Sirens began to wail. The Ascetic roared," I will end you NOW!" I reached up and hit an airlock realease switch, and we began to plunge into space. I manually sealed all the helmets on my team, and I tethered myself to the others.

With a scream, which could've been me or the elite, we plunged into space again.

Chapter 7: SpaceEdit

The Ascetic tried to fire his plasma rifle at me and my unconsious teammates. However, due to the lack of heat in space, the bolts didn't fire. His sword wouldn't activate either. It managed to propel itself over to one of the empty phantoms floating in space. I was too busy trying to get my team back to the ship. The Ascetic was flying away, escaping the dying carrier. I could see the engines had already shut off. Another phantom glided towards us at a high speed. I was horrified that another Elite had taken control of another phantom. "I'm sorry I failed you guys," I said into my helmet COM.

"Not just yet!" Ryan shouted. I realized he was piloting the dropship. The troop bay swung open, and I drifted in. My two friends followed slowly.

Will was lying by the cockpit door. His wound were starting to bleed. Ryan walked into the troop bay. "We're on auro pilot to go get Major Brown and the other marine." He said with a slight pain in his voice. I noticed he had a big cut in his side.

"Energy Sword?" I asked

"I got nicked. It's not as bad as Will. You should get him to...uh... medical..." Then Ryan passed out. I managed to catch him before he face-planted onto the floor.

We, or should I say "I", arrived at the hangar in a minute. Major Brown and his marine were pinned down at the far end of the hangar. I deactivated the auto pilot and our phantom slammed down on top of a few Eltes. I jumped out and ran towards the pair. "Major," I shouted, "It's time to leave."

"Got it," he said, "Parts!" He called to the marine," Come on!"

The marine took a single second to turn his head toward us, and a jackal sniper took the chance. A needle the size of a TV remote embeded itself in Private Part's skull, who collapsed. "No!" I called, firing shot of DMR after another. "Major! Get in the phantom and TAKE OFF!" I screamed. Brown ran off to the cockpit, and I gave him cover. The phantom slowly drifted off the floor and floated in place. I jumped onto the door and pulled inside.

"Go! Go! Go!" I shouted at Brown. The two of us managed to get out of the hangar and back to our space port. As the ship tore itself the pieces, me and my team docked at the station.


Second one:

Chapter 1: Orbital Station 492Edit

My friend and teammate was lying on a bench. Well, a sterile bench, but he was still at death's door. And I couldn't help him. My entire squad, except me, had required urgent medical attention. So before I knew, they were gone. And I was thinking about our casualties on the previous mission. We had lost all of our marines, except for Major Brown, who survived. "And we might still lose some," I thought.

A man walked into my waiting room. "Your entire team is fine." he said, "However, they're going to be on small operations for a while, no big missions, so as not to endanger them even more." He told me this as he handed me a lot of medical records and charts. This people didn't understand that Spartans got injured. They always did. And sometimes they die, but ONI just augments more teenagers into soldiers.

"Thank you," I said to the man. I felt his eyes glaring at me as I left, as if I should've died on that cruiser.


Chapter 2: Orbital Station 492- training roomEdit

I finally found my way to the shooting range. I needed to blow off some steam. When I got there, I noticed two new spartans practicing, and they were terrible. "Need a little help?" I called to them.

"Sure!" they said in unison, they were both female, and were obviously new to the SPARTAN-Program. I taught them how to line up their shots, and after a while, they could actually hit something. "Hey, I know you," one of the spartans said, "You're Alex, the one who just took out the covenant supercarrier."

"Me and my team," I said, "They're all in the ICU now." I took a magnum off the wall. "Some freakin' covie elite gave them all some kind of injury," I said as I unloaded the magnum into one of the targets. "I have to go check on them now, goodbye," I said as I stormed out.

When I arrived at the hospital, I heard some really crappy news. Caden had suffered a major concussion, Will had a ruptured stomach, Hunter had temporarily lost his sight and hearing in his left eye and ear, and Ryan had internal bleeding. And the Ascetic who had done this had gotten away. Apparently they would be on their feet within a month or so. Just great.

Chapter 3: Covenant Carrier Glorious Ascension. (Ascetic's POV)Edit

Those Blasted Humans would not escape me again. I had left most of them at the gateway of death, and that one cursed human saved them. But now they were weak. My carrier slowly approached the human's orbital station, cloaked and undetectable. Those humans would be like fish in a barrel, as the humans would say.

We were finally in docking position. I would be leading a team of Rangers into the ship. We would disable it from the inside. My personal vandetta was to kill that human. I still remembered him, a demon encased in armor, Blue and Red. As if he were covered with blood. Soon he would be, but it would be his own.

The docking clamp slowly stuck to the side of the ship, and began to cut a hole in the side.

Chapter 4: Orbital Station (Back to Alex's POV)Edit

I walked through the hospital wing. I had just visited Caden, who was loopy on painkillers. "Bleh...Bleh...bleh bleh bleh!" He shouted. The sight brought tears to my eyes. Caden had been the first member of the squad I had met. I heard a crashing down the hallway, and then I heard a sound like cutting. "Oh crap." I muttered. Then the wall exploded and Covies poured through.

Rangers. It HAD to be Rangers. One of them was holding a needle rifle. He fired one needle into a marine's head. he fired again and hit another in the knee, then the arm, and the back. The needles supercombined and the marine was splattered against the wall. I opened fire on them, when he walked in.

The Ascetic Elite was there, calmly walked toward me, sword drawn. I was completely drawn aback. He was here, and I had a feeling he was here to kill me. A Ranger was charging towards me while I was intranced. He had a kind of Elite Shotgun in it's hands. It was about to fire when a human shotgun blasted it straight into the wall.

Ryan pumped his shotgun. "Suprised?" he muttered. I noticed how he was still breathing heavy and limping. Another Elite made the mistake of charging, right into Ryan's shotgun.

"We need to stop him here," I said, "Kill that Ascetic." I threw a grenade, and Ryan opened fired with an Assault Rifle. The Bullets didn't even make him flinch. He caught the Grenade in his hand and threw it back at me. It blew us both back and we dropped our guns. I drew my magnum and began to fire on the rangers.

Will had also gotten up. He had propped himself up against a wall, and began to fire with a sniper rifle. Marines spilled down the hall. In seconds, the Rangers had been cleaned up. Not literally, they had been killed, not cleaned up. In fact, they had made quite a mess. Heh, Funny.

About 8 assault rifles, a sniper, a shotgun, and a DMR consentrated fire on the Ascetic. His Shield's actually began to flare and crack. He threw a single plasma grenade. In the small space, the marines and Will had no where to go. Will armor locked before the grenade could go off. The marines were completely blown to bits. Ugh, more deaths. That I could've stopped.

He charged by me and Ryan, a single swipe of his sword pinned us both. We were only injured, but it had obviouisly caused Ryan's internal bleeding to flare up. He threw off his helmet as he coughed up blood. "Ryan! Get back to the ICU, I have to get that Ascetic." I told him.

"Make take him down for me." He muttered before passing out.

Chapter 5: Orbital Station 492Edit

I dashed towards the control bridge, with the Ascetic just in front of me. I was firing my AR full blast, but his shields had already recharged. I couldn't kill him, but I could stop him. I threw myself at him as hard as possible. I managed to grab onto him and we went down. We were both punching each other in the face repeatedly. I rolled off and hit an airlock switch on the wall. "Oh not again," hissed the elite. We were quickly sucked into the vacuum of space.

I magnetized my boots to the side of the station, as did the Ascetic. The Elite was using a needle rifle and firing at me really quickly. I raced towards the docking bay, where the Covenant cruiser was attached. "No reinforcements for you, Ascetic," I said to myself. I had to disconnect the clamp.

I drifted as quickly as possible to the docking clamp. I began to detach it as fast as possible, tearing it from the airlock with my own bare hands. Suddenly I realized the Ascetic wasn't behind me. He was going back to the control room. I tore a hole in the docking clamp and jumped inside

Chapter 6: Control roomEdit

I arrived in the room just as the Ascetic tore out the last control console. I noticed the station was begining to move. It was being pulled back towards the planet! That Alien had cut off the engines! "If we go down," I said, "I'm taking you with me." I charged to the elite. He dodged me and stabbed my arm with his Energy Sword. "Gah!" I screamed and held my arm in pain. The elite nodded and sliced open the window, and jumped into space. He had escaped again.

I had no way to save the station. We were going down fast. "I guess this is it," I said to myself. Suddenly, the window was filled with a new view, the troop bay of a waiting UNSC Pelican dropship. In the bay, waiting by my still wounded teammates, was one of the spartans I had met in training.

"Climb in!" She shouted. The pelican pulled away as I jumped into the bay. "Thanks," I gasped as we sped away. I watched our doomed spaceship through a gun port. Something was wrong. The ship was begining to explode, it should've imploded. The entire platform exploded in a flash of light, damaging the covie cruiser as well.

"A little suprise we left for the covies," the spartan said to me, "Name's Abby, we figured you could use some help." I was too tired to answer as the pelican sped away from the wreckage. My team was alive and safe. I slowly slumped against the wall and fell asleep.

Squad403missionlogcontinued_Command:End Transmission


Chapter 1: Space, in a Pelican DropshipEdit

I sulked in the troop bay of our pelican. Eden, or E, as Abby called her, had placed the pelican on an autopilot towards the nearest UNSC frigate. E was currently working on WIll's stab wound. She and Abby had risked life and limb to rescue my entire squad, all of which had been wounded almost fataly by an Ascetic elite. Will was in the worst shape, as an elite had stabbed him right through the stomach with an energy sword.

Caden had woken up earlier, his concussion was still slowing him down. Ryan was lying on a bed, helpless. He had suffered internal bleeding, but he had still managed to help me fight momentarily on the Orbital Station. The Ascetic had hit both of us, and Ryan's bleeding was starting again. Hunter had also regained consiousness, but he couldn't see out of his left eye. Hunter, being our technican had tried to patch up Ryan. He was one of our medics, the other being me.

We were all working on Will and Ryan. But I had a bad feeling. After a few hours, Eden sat back. She threw her helmet to the side, and her forehead was glistening with sweat. She had been consentrated on Will's stomach wound all day, trying her best to save his life. Caden had collapsed again. I tossed off my helmet; as a spartan, we had learned to steel ourselves, but a day of medical work had made us all queasy.

I finally spoke up, my voice hoarse, "Thank you both, for saving my team, and me," I said.

"It's no problem," E said, "But I don't think Will and Ryan will last much longer." There was sadness in her voice. "I know of a few medicine's that can help them, but we'd have to get it from the covenant."

"Well," Hunter muttered, " That sounds easy, we have two incapacitated soldiers, 3 of us are in fighting condition, and me and Caden are nothing but annoyances."

"I think...I have a crazy plan...but it just might work," I said. "Eden, adjust our heading for the covie cruiser." She looked at me quizzicly, but walked off toward the cockpit.

Chapter 2: Covenant cruiser "Glorious Ascension" (Ascetic's POV)Edit

I knelt before the field marshall. My failure to finish the humans had brought about my execution. I couldn't move my arms. "Erak' Neros!" Cried the field marshall, "You have been ordered to die, due to your failures on the battlefront. Do you deny these charges?"

"I accept the charges," I muttered, "The accusations are true, but I beleive this punishment is far too severe."

"Your punishment is in line with the charges." The Field Marshall said, "Now! Before your forces, you shall fall before my blade."

I prepared myself to die as the Sangheili raised his blade. Then I heard a cry from the corner, "Sir!" an elite called, "The humans have returned under a white flag! They wish to speak with you!"

The Marshall stood, "Very well, bring them in."

Chapter 3: Covenant Cruiser "Glorious Ascension" (Alex's POV) Edit

I was being led into a very large chamber. We had approached the ship from the damaged side so that they couldn't fire before we could show we meant no harm. Me, Abby, E, and Hunter emerged in a huge room. Hundreds of elites had gathered to see something. A field Marshall stood on a dias, the Ascetic kneeling below him. Was it some kind of blessing? or an Execution? He shot me a look of pure hatred.

I explained our situation, how we needed a certain medicine to heal our friends. Eden stated which medicine's were required. The field Marshall studied us. "No," he hissed. The word hit me like a ghost at full speed. All of my hope drained out of me. Will and Ryan would die, I had failed.

"Wait!" I called, "How about a compromise? I will duel any Elite on this ship, Energy sword on Energy Sword. One on One. You choose the fighter.If I win, we get the medicine and go free. If you win, my friends go empty handed."

The field marshall laughed. It shook the chamber. "My lord," the Ascetic croaked, "I will kill the human! Let me redeem mysel-" The Field marshall punched him in the face.

"You will fight me!" He called. An elite passed me an energy sword. The field Marshall drew his. I had experience, but I knew this would be a difficult fight.

Chapter 4: Covenant Cruiser "Glorious Ascension"Edit

The crowd parted. The Field Marshall charged. I met his first slice with the side of the blade. Sparks flew from the plasma. He kneed me in the stomach and I doubled over. He raised his sword to kill me when I dodged at the last second. My reflexes kept me alive. Our swords met almost at the hilts.

"You...will...DIE!" Roared the elite. He sliced and sliced, harder and harder. That was his flaw. I glanced to the side. His blade just grazed my shoulder, but I collapsed as if he had stabbed me. He stood over me, gloating. "You have failed," he said in victory. I took my chance. I pushed off the ground as fast as possible and drove my sword into his chest. The elite gaped in suprise. The blade had cleaved right through his shields, his armor, his skin. The elite's were taken aback. Even the Ascetic looked impressed. I removed my sword and dropped it on the ground.

"You have failed," I mocked over the dead elite. Then all heck broke loose. Every elite in the room raised a gun. "I have won!" I called, "Remember your oath."

One of the elites called "The field Marshall made that oath! It dies with him."

Abby and E took their chance. They had escaped during the fight. The far wall exploded as our pelican flew through it. Elite's screamed and ran. Abby fired a SMG from the troop bay. Hunter manned the turret. Caden fired rockets. I jumped into the troop bay.The Ascetic had freed himself from his bonds and chased after us. He threw a plasma rifle straight towards Abby.

"Look out!", I called. Abby caught the plasma rifle without looking. She had the rifle and an SMG, firing both in rapid succession.

Chapter 5: PelicanEdit

The troop bay closed as we piloted away. Our pelican had some new dents and cuts in it's sides. "Will it hold?" I asked Abby.

She shrugged "I don't know, ask your friend Hunter." I looked at Hunter and tilted my head, waiting for an answer.

"Erm, I don't know," he admitted, which was unlike him, "I think we should get to that frigate soon."

Eden came into the troop bay, and she checked on Ryan and Will. "Good," she said, "The medicine was designed for plasma burns in case of friendly fire. Luckily we applied it quickly enough."

Will actually looked like he was breathing. Ryan's face was less pale. I looked out the window and saw the frigate, approaching slowly. I suddenly realized how much my shoulder hurt. The blade had only glanced me, but it burned terribly. "Hey E, could I have some of that medicine?" The medicine felt like ice on the cut. But it was like ice with salt in it. Needless to say, it hurt. But eventually the pain began to lessen, then the wound faded. I felt all better. "Thanks," I said wistfully," That feels good.

Chapter 6: UNSC frigate "Philadelphia"Edit

We recieved a heroes welcome. Hunter headed off to diagnostics to get his eye and ear checked. Will and Ryan were wisked off to the med ward. Abby and E helped me walked Caden to the head injury wing. He was still really messed up and woozy. A few doctors rushed to help him. "Major concussion," I told them. They nodded and led him into a room.

"Once again I own you two my life," I said to Abby and E in the debreifing room. They suspected the Covie ship would come after us. So we had defenses on high alert. Abby was heading off to the shooting range to learn more about the plasma rifle. Eden had gone to work fixing up the pelican. I headed off to the training room, I wanted to learn more about using the energy sword.

Hunter walked into the room while I fought simulations. He had a bandage on and a new helmet. He looked like he had carved a small scratch into the visor. I pointed at it, because I was too tired to speak. "Oh this?" he pointed to it," Yeah, it's just a little reminder. The doc's said I'll get my sight back, but my hearing won't exactly be great." I was angry. That Elite had done this to my friend. I planned to get him back. I vowed that I would drive my Energy sword through his neck. I thought to myself, "This thing needs a name," i thought for a second, "Pulse," I thought. I held it up so the light made it seem brighter. The thought of Pulse finishing the Ascetic made me smile. I turned and sliced off the virtual elite's arm and finished it with a stab. "Congratulations Spartan-712," said the computer," You have completed Simulation #857." I had a feeling that the Ascetic wouldn't go down as easy.

End Transmission


Chapter 1: UNSC frigate "Philadelphia"Edit

I stood waited in the hangar bay of the frigate. It was hard to believe it had been a month since My team had destroyed a covenant cruiser and almost gotten ourselves killed. So much had changed. We had met Abby and Eden, two female spartans whom I owed my life too. Ryan and Will had fully recovered from the wounds they had suffered, thanks to Eden's medical skills.

Today was an even more special day. My team, and a lot of the crew stood watching. I was facing my final, and most difficult challenge. I had taken up sword fighting lessons after I had managed to kill a field marshall. I had made some modifications, now my sword, nicknamed "pulse" didn't run out of battery. The modifications had caused it to glow a bright yellow and occaisionally throw sparks. It looked pretty awesome.

Today I would be facing "Sword Training Simulation 1000". It didn't look like much, just a simple training droid standing in the middle of the hangar. I clutched Pulse and activated it. The droid did the same with dual blades. Caden, my closest friend and squadmate, walked between the two of us.

"Alright, you know the rules," he said into a microphone, "Alex, you must destroy the training droid. Training droid, you uh... fight back."

We both nodded, and I almost saw something in the droid's optics. Almost like, intelligence. A gong rang in the distance, and we charged each other.

Chapter 2: Hangar Bay of "Philadelphia"Edit

Our blades met in a shower of sparks. However, he had another energy sword. He tried to stab me in the stomach before I disengaged. He dashed and jumped towards me and jumped. He spun in midair and tried to spin his blades. Unfortunately, he landed bad, and he stumbled, his back exposed.

I stabbed towards him, but he had been tricking me. It's torso spun 360 degrees and he slammed me in the face with the flat of his blade. I stumbled back and he drove in for the kill. I held up my blade desparately. All three of our swords met. I kicked him square in the chest and he stumbled back. Instead of doing what was expected and try to finish him, I dove for his legs. I stabbed him right in the calf and he stumbled. I took the opportunity and sliced off his arm. With his good leg, he kicked me in the face. A hairline crack appeared in my visor. As I was about to stab at him again, the far wall exploded.

Chapter 3: "Philadelphia"Edit

All of the marines were sucked straight into open space. I had been too busy fighting the droid that I hadn't seen the approaching covenant cruiser. I realized it was the same cruiser that we had damaged and raided last month, as it's side wasn't in ship shape yet. Abby and E had rigged explosives that ripped half of it to shreds.

The droid was still coming. I stepped inside his swing and attacked his right side, where he had lost his arm. I stabbed right through his side and he crumpled to the ground. Woo-hoo, I thought, I win. I was now probably the best swordsman in the UNSC. I intended to use those skills. I was sure that the Ascetic was on that ship, and he would be leading the attack. "E!", I called," Get the pelican ready!" Only our magnetized boots kept us from being sucked into space.

A team of Zealot elite's flew into our hangar. There seemed to be five of them. We began firing on the team. Zealots were ceremonial warriors, high class, very dangerous.

Chapter 4: (Ascetic POV) Glorious Ascension (Two weeks earlier)Edit

I sat on my throne impatiently. After the Field Marshall had been the murdered, the crew had decided to put me back in charge. Wise decision, I would kill those humans. I would not fail. And I anxiously awaited Just when I thought they weren't coming, the door burst open. Five Zealots walked in, smug looks on their faces. "I was beginning to think you weren't coming," I muttered.

"That's what we do," the leader said, "We make the target believe they are alone, then strike. You were suprised when we entered, where you not?" I had to admit I was. "So, down to business, You want the humans captured."

"No," I said, "Kill all of them, except for one, bring me their leader. He wears blue armor with red details. You will know him, he wields a sacred blade. Bring him to me! I shall kill him myself."

Chapter 5: Alex's POV, PhiladelphiaEdit

We charged the Zealots. Abby and Hunter were taking on one holding two plasma rifles. Will had gone into cloaking, trying to get a sniping position. Ryan And E were holding back three elites, all with heavy weapons. Caden was charging to help them. The leader charged me with an energy sword.

The giant hole had automatically been sealed by the ship. I stepped inside the first swipe, and jabbed at the Zealot. He skirted away before I could land a blow. I saw Abby go down from the corner of my eye. I charged to intercept the Zealots energy dagger. Before I could, Hunter punched him square in the face. Abby stood up and emptied a clip of SMG ammo into the elite. "Thanks," she muttered to Hunter.

Ryan was in trouble, He was separated from E and Caden. The Zealot was coming at him with a sword. "Behind you!" I screamed. Ryan turned to blast the Elite before he stabbed him. The elite stumbled, but he kept coming. The elite suddenly dropped dead, and I noticed a sniper rifle's trail. I couldn't see Will, but he was at work. I noticed E was in danger too. The elite had a dagger at her throat. I was about to go help her when I froze. A zealot had some kind of projector attached to his wrist. It shot out an energy beam that entirely encased me. The Elite began pressing buttons on his TACPAD.

"Time to meet my boss," he hissed in my face. He pressed another button, and everything went black.

Chapter 6: Glorious AscensionEdit

Teleporting isn't fun. I felt like my inside turned out and back in. When I opened my eyes, I was in the throne room of a covenant ship. Standing before was the Ascetic Elite. He walked towards me calmly, cracking his neck and activating his energy sword. I couldn't move my hand to grab Pulse. But wait, Pulse could be remotely activated from my HUD. I managed to activate my sword. The beam activated and cut right through the shield. Pulse's blade went right into the zealot's foot, who roared in pain. It caused the entire shield to break. I burst out and grabbed my sword, and I was suddenly face to face with the Ascetic.

"Today, this ends," he said, and I could almost feel the hate in his voice. I pulled back and stabbed at his torso. He anticipated my move and blocked my attack. I spun towards his side and stabbed between the two blades on his sword. This move was unblockable. I twisted my arm and the Ascetic's blade went skittering away. Now was my time to finish him. I pulled back my blade to finish him off. "Please! No!" he called out, "Don't! I am the last of my kind!" I had to admit he looked pathetic. A tear was spilling off his helmet. He was scared. I couldn't do it. Killing him was different than finishing a training droid.

I lowered my blade, "Go, if I ever see you again, I will kill you, and I won't be as merciful." He smiled at me. Not gratfully, but like he had just set a trap. He pulled out a plasma grenade and stuck it in my face. He hit a button and disappeared. I armor locked before the grenade went off, throwing off the grenade, right into the Ascetic's throne.

"Gosh dangit," I muttered. I had to make my way to the hangar and get off the ship. I didn't want to stay here any longer. The Zealot was clutching his foot, in terrible pain. I unsheated my combat knife. He stared at me, his eyes begging for death, as I kneeled at his side. I quickly ended the zealot in a quick swipe. I put my knife into the holster.

I trudged off to the hangar, realizing that this Ascetic would do anything, sacrfise anyone to kill me. He would even throw away his own troops. He was insane. Maybe I could use it to my advantage, I thought as I sneaked away.

End Transmission


Chapter 1: Hangar of Covenant Cruiser "Glorious Ascension"Edit

I quietly slipped a long the edge of the hangar. Most of the ships had already been launched, but a few banshees were still being prepped. I had to steal one to fly back to the Philadelphia. As i got closer, I realized that I couldn't sneak by all the elites around it. I slowly slipped behind another banshee and activated my energy sword. Pulse sprang to it's full size, glowing yellow and cackling with electricity. I backflipped over the banshee and landed right between the elites. They drew their weapons, but I killed them all with one huge swipe.

I climbed into the cockpit and secured myself. I'd flown and criven covie vehicles before. This shouldn't be too hard, I thought silently. I eventually got myself going. As I flew towards the Philadelphia, I flashed my status lights like crazy, proving I was a friendly. I dodged some automatic gun fire, but otherwise I got into the ship pretty easily.

What I saw was horrible. The Ascetic must've teleported into OUR ship after leaving his. The scene I saw was even worse. Caden and Ryan were fighting for their lives against the last zealots. Then I saw the worst part. The Ascetic was holding Abby, and was drawing back his sword for the kill.

Chapter 2: "Philadelphia"Edit

I was too far away to help her. But Hunter wasn't. He tried to stab the Ascetic with a combat knife. In normal circumstances, the elite would die, however, his shields were too strong. The electricity from his shields some how travelled up the knife and into his body. The Ascetic wheeled around and sliced open his stomach. Because the slice was so quick, the heat didn't have time to cauterize the wound, so he began to bleed.

"NO!" Abby and I cried at the same time. Hunter fell over slowly, clutching his stomach. I would've said something awesome like, "No one hurts my sqaud!", or "I tear out your heart". Instead I said something more like "WARBLEGURBLEH!" as I charged. He dropped Abby in a heap and turned towards me.

"Ready to die human?" he taunted as he readied to block my attack.

"I could ask you the same question!" I yelled as I dove at him. He was expecting me to fly right at him, but I was pulling his leg. I magnetized my boots, and I hit the floor. He had his blade up high so sliced at his chest. He tried to bring down his blade to block me, but all he got was a huge gash on his forearm.

He tried to slice off my head, but I rolled back and his swing completely missed. I jabbed at him again at hit his shoulder.

"RAAAAGH" He screamed in pain. His sword arm was in bad shape. He decided to fight with the other hand. I easily dodged his first strike and kicked him sqaure in the face. His shields began to flicker. I noticed Will up on his perch, trying to get a good shot. I crouched and hoped the bullet that Will fired would break his shields. No such luck. He turned as towards Will and threw a plasma, with his bad arm.Will fell out of his perch dodging the grenade, and landed with a smack on the floor.

The Ascetic wasn't happy either, he had dislocated his arm with that throw. He grimaced in pain. I sliced low and he dodged my slice and clubbed me with the blunt of his blade. I looked over at Caden and Ryan. Caden had managed to kill his zealot. He picked up his Grenade launcher and fired a perfect shot, right into the other zealot's mouth. After a moment of suprise, the Zealot's head exploded.

Chapter 3: "Philadelphia"Edit

It was me, Caden, and Ryan against the Ascetic. I didn't even know where E was. Caden fired a rocket, Ryan threw grenades. They did hardly any damage. The ascetic dropped his sword and threw two plasma grenades. Caden and Ryan were disoriented long enough for the Ascetic to charge me again. I held up my blade and met his. Sparks flew off of Pulse and into the Ascetic's shield. They were starting to flare. If I could just break them, I could finish it, I thought to myself. I kicked him, trying to damage his shields. It didn't work. He grabbed my foot and spun my leg around, flipping me over. I dropped Pulse, and I landed on my face. The elite stood over me. He held up his sword in one hand, mine in the other.

"Prepared to die now?" he asked me. He kicked me in the face, sending my helmet flying. He stared into my eyes. He saw my fear, and I could see his hate. I had no way to stop him anymore. His face was so ugly and unhuman, but I could tell he was smiling. He placed his foot on my chest, and he stabbed towards me.

Chapter 4: PhiladelphiaEdit

I closed my eyes. For a few seconds, nothing happened. I wasn't dead. I looked over. Caden had saved my life. He had pounced on the Elite, like an idiot. "Pathetic human!" yelled the Ascetic. He threw Caden all the way across the hangar, landing on the wall.

He fell to the floor. I too the chance and drew my knife. I had seen how Hunter had been electrocuted since he stabbed the Ascetic. I threw the knife and it hit home, going right through the shields. The blade was buried up to the hilt in his chest. His shields flickered, now was my chance. I jumped towards him and punched him right in the face. He stumbled and I grabbed my sword. I pulled back and sliced him across the chest.

"Prepared to die?" I asked him. He backed up, still without shields. He moved as if to throw his sword at me. The fear was in his eyes now. He threw it at me as hard as possible. I dodged the throw and rolled towards him. With a roar, I plunged my sword into his chest.

The Ascetic roared in pain and fell to the ground. I stood up, surveying my victim. After all he'd done I'd gotten my revenge. He turned to me, horror in his eyes.

"Curse you human, but I will tread the path! I may not live to see the covenant's victory, but I have completed my journey. This may be the end of me,... but...the covenant...will... prevail," the last words trailed off has he died.

I ran to Hunter. His helmet had fallen off, and I could tell that he was in pain. "Abby, can you help him?" I asked her. She hung her head.

"No," she said sadly," but E might be able to."

"Where is E?" I asked.

"She's leading the counterattack against the boarding parties." Abby sobbed. She and Hunter were close friends, they seemed to work well together also. They were so much alike, and now Hunter was close to death.

"Ryan and I will take him to the med wing." Caden winced. I felt bad. Caden and Ryan were injured. But Will was unconsious, and I was too tired from fighting the Ascetic. Abby was a wreck, and I knew the feeling. I had seen my entire team close to death. Caden and Ryan carted Hunter out a door towards the med bay.

A marine charged through the other door. He was panicked, and he had bad news.

"The covenant cruiser is about to fire!" he said, "They're going to glass us."

Chapter 5: SpaceEdit

I had flown my stolen banshee towards the approaching covie cruiser. A huge battle raged around me. I had to fly straight into the Glassing port. That way, the beam would hit the banshee and cause the cruiser to destroy itself. Unfortunately, I had no chance of surviving. I knew that it was my duty, and that I would save alot of lives.

I would do this. I would kill every covie aboard. I would save my frigate, my squad, and my friends. I was only a few hundred yards away, when the cruiser exploded. My banshee rocked back and forth as I tried to figure out what happened. When the smoke and debris cleared, I saw another UNSC frigate approaching. A few minutes later I could read the name on the side. The ship was called the "Creativity", It had used it's MAC cannon to blow the entire ship to bits. The smaller guns began taking out the remaining phantoms, and E's sqaud took out the rest. Then I saw a gun trained at my banshee. My eyes widened. I blinked my status light like crazy. The gun folded back into it's position.

I flew right back into the hangar. I noticed Will had been removed, taken to the med bay to heal his bones.

Eden recieved high honors for leading the pelicans into battle.

Caden and Ryan had recieved minor burns, and they were being treated.

Hunter was treated for a few days by medical specialists.

Abby and E joined Squad 403.

The captain of our ship was the biggest hero, he had sent out the distress signal and organized the crew.

 Oceanic ops:   

Chapter 1: BeachEdit

I stared out at the glittering ocean. ONI had found a Covenant base located underwater. Weird yes, but apparently, the leader was addicted to undersea life. Where do the Covie's find these guys?

The Elite, Lorok' Ooseen, was a very dangerous and high raking elite. He had a fascination with oceans of any sort. Earth oceans, Sangheilos' oceans, even cups of water made him excited. This guy was a nut. My squad had been ordered to assassinate him. We had equiped ourselves with two shot spear guns, loaded to kill with a headshot.

"Did I ever mention I was afraid of drowning?" Hunter asked quietly.

Caden said "Deal with it," And jumped into the water.

I had always liked the water and swimming. I wasn't as excited now. For one, I was wearing a ton of armor, literally. Second of all, I was on a mission to kill a crazy elite.

We all jumped and dived into the ocean water.

Chapter 2: OceanEdit

We hit with a huge splash. We sealed our helmets and loaded our spearguns. As we swam towards the cooridinents, I turned on my night vision. I could just make out the outline of the huge base anchired to the sea floor. I noticed smaller shapes, becoming clearer gradually. Smaller strange looking ships headed for us.

I realized that they were covie ships. They looked outfitted for underwater use. I made a gesture and we raised our spear guns. "Fire!" i shouted into my helmet COM. We all fired towards the approaching vehicles. One of the shots fired and hit the driver of one vehicles. Four spears lodged into one ship and it exploded. We kept swimming, realoading and firing. The ships began to fire small plasma blasts. We dodged them pretty easily. "Will, get vantage point on the reef over there," I call into my helmet com. Will swam over to the reef, and pulled out his sniper rifle. Once we'd taken out all the ships, something appeared on our radar, a lone elite.

But this was the elite. The one we had been sent to kill. He held a strange energy sword in his hand and a trident on his back. Instead of the sword having the traditional energy sword look, it only had one blade, and it went up. Usually, energy swords went outwards, meaning they were goog for stabbing. The elite flicked his wrist and another blade came out the other end of his blade. His armor was teal, and it gleamed underwater.

He took his trident and threw it. However, he hit a button on the bottom of the shaft, and the forward half of the trident detached. It was connected to the bottom half by a large chain. The Trident barely missed Abby. "Your aim sucks!" Abby called. The elite hit a button and the trident returned to the bottom half, knocking Abby over the head on it's way. "Hey!" She yelled. He fired his trident at me. I dodged to the side and grabbed the chain. I activated Pulse, my energy sword, and sliced the chain in two. He dropped the broken shaft and sctivated his energy sword.

"You and I shall meet again!", he yelled, "You will fall before me!"

He retreated so quickly, we had no chance of catching him.

Chapter 3: Oceanic baseEdit

We floated around the base looking for an entrance. We eventually noticed that the elites inside were swimming instead of walking. There was water inside the base. This Lorok' guy was freaking me out. We floated over to a window and Caden punched through it. With a nod, we jumped inside, starling the Major elite inside. I sliced him quickly with Pulse. "Hunter, take Abby and find the control room. shut down everything, engines, de-pressurizers, Oxygen, anything that will destroy this station." I ordered. "The rest of us, we'll kill the elite,"

Easier said than done. We were completely lost. Eventually we ran into a pack of ranger elites. We had to dispatch them as quietly as possible. The hallway was supposed to not have water in it, but a window shattered. Will was sucked out into the ocean in a second. Caen finally killed them with a small "EMP" grenade. The elite's shields flared, and they were confused long enough for me to finish them off.

A few times we rounded corners and I had to dispatch elites. One didn't have time to move before his innards became his "outtards." Finally we saw a huge door guarded by two honor guards. Ryan ran inside and blasted the first elite. Caden blasted the other one apart. We activated our Active-camo, and snuck inside. About 6 honor guards stood in two straight lanes. The Elite leader slumped on his throne. He looked like he was asleep, but his eyes were wide with suprise. Then I noticed a UNSC combat knife embedded up to the hilt in his neck. He was very, very dead.

We all seemed completely confused. Then we saw the shimmer in the air, like a heat wave. There was Will, his Active-camo activated, lining up the honor guards. With a huge, CRACK!, Will's rifle fired a bullet, killing 1,2, 3 elites!

The others snapped straight into action. They couldn't see us very well, and they had no idea what was happening. Ryan took out one with a shotgun. I killed one with Pulse. And E and Caden took out the last one.

Chapter 4: Oceanic baseEdit

We left the room feeling pretty good about ourselves. That is until we ran into Hunter and Abby. And I meanliterally ran into them. They rounded a corner and completely wiped us out.

"Ow," Ryan complained.

"No time," Hunter gasped, "We need to get out of here now."

"Hunter and I rigged the base to self destruct, we have about 5 minutes to get at least one hundred yards away." Abby said.

"Well, I guess we get to take another swim," I muttered.

Eden took out a needler and shot out a window. We engaged our booster packs and sped away from the base.

Chapter 5: Beach (Random guy's perspective)Edit

I was taking my usual afternoon run on the beach. I felt a little tired, so I sat down and just enjoyed the view of te ocean for a bit. I loved the ocean. So calming. Then about 500 yards off shore, something like a hydrogen bomb went off. A huge area of water flew up thousand of feet in the air.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. Seven small shapes flew towards me, flailing their arms and shouting. They all slammed right into the sand.

They all stood up, perfectly fine, despite the fact that the explosion should've killed them.

"Sir," said one of the spartans, nodded at me. "Alright let's move!"

They trudged off, and I fainted.

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