this story will be short im sorry but well here we go

The Story

One day, I saw a kid and his name was Cato and I wanted to ask him to be my friend, but I was scared. So I waited for him to ask me.

Next day

I went to traning and I saw him there but he was hanging out with Glimmer, and Marvel was coming my way.

"Do want to pretend date me? I want to make Cato jealous." I asked Marvel.

"Sure." He said. So then one day, Cato came up to me.

"Hey look this is a little weird, but do you want to date me?" He asks.

Um, what? Should I say yes? I had no idea wat to say. Then I saw Marvel coming.

"Hey! Get away from my girlfriend, okay?" He said.

"Marvel," I said, "it's okay, Cato and I are in love now." Oh, so then, he went to Glimmer.

"Hi Glimmer, do you want to date me?" Marvel asked her. I was thinking, oh no but Glimmer said yes. I was surprised. Finally, Cato and I are called Clato and Marvel and Glimmer are called Glarvel.

The End

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