• Bananaman321

    Dark Legend

    July 11, 2012 by Bananaman321

    Date: June 25th Year: 2254 Time: 1145 Receiving Transmission from: Trainee Kyle Jang. Location: Granon, North America Beginning of Subject of Transmission: It Used To Be Called Summer

    June . That time of the year where you know when its truly summer. Children are off school and the fireflies are out. Hot , rainy, and warm days all for 3 months. Sweet cold cream sold everywhere and parks of amusement are crowded with people. Thats what I've read of. There are no more of those days when you could look up and see the sun burning you eyes. No, in the year 2254 something happened that blocked out the sun. We hardly see it anymore and the only time it shows is when there used to be summer. But its not called summer anymore, its called "The Harvest".


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