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    Hey guys. I'm here to make a competition - I hope you, all competitor will create a story, will complete it, and finally that will be a good story.

    Why now? Holidays haven't started, and we are going to back at the boring mighty school! Yeah, I have been here for one day, and I hope my contributions here are constructive.

    Here's how it works. You are given a nonsensical prompt based on your identity. Then you have to submit it, as little or as long as you wish. Then you have to post it for us to see. By:

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    • OR... Publish it as your own story!

    Note that "I" doesn't have to refer to you. "I" can be a self-insert, an OC, or an established character. Also please remember that you can bring it on fanon portal, or just commenting, as long …

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