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Not Allowed

  • Don't insult anyone with your stories.
  • Don't publish stories with less than 10 sentences.
  • Try not to use too many cuss words - you can write them once or twice - you can also censore it, especially in direct speech, but please write in an appropriate style.
  • Don't publish erotic stories.
  • Don't leave your Page without your Signature or Name
  • Don't insults other's stories by saying "this story is ugly" "this story is made by a baby/b!tch/$#!T" or any other insults, if you don't like the story don't comment or say the reason why you hate it
  • Don't edit someone's story or ask their permission
  • Don't Troll to any of our Pages
  • Do not plagiarize other's work


  • You're allowed to put a cover of your story
  • You're allowed to make a Group story

​User's Right

  • You can't Internet abuse or bully other Users
  • You can't ask private or personal question
  • You have the right to alert admins or mods about any bullying of other users.
  • You can't post personal information of other people
  • You can't post pictures of other people without their consent


These are not definite rules, just things that are strongly advised.

  • Don't share your own personal information
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Address (nothing more than state or country please)
  • Don't joke around when some people might be offended.
  • Try not to talk about politics, religion, or other opinionated matters. It will reduce fights, and make a happier wiki.


  • Plagerisum of other's work will result in a one week ban, and if you come back and plagerize again, you will be banned for one year


  • Please put this { {inactive} } template on your page if you are going inactive
  • Please put this { {delete} } template on your page if your would like it to be deleted by an admin.

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