It surrounded me. It clung to me. It hurt me. The water burned like flame sliding across my cheek. My teeth were gritted as the deep wound began to bleed; the droplets falling like rain, through the solid blue shape.

A blinding burst of pain wrapped around my ankle and a shrill scream exploded from my throat. For a second there was silence. A blissful silence of numb intensity. The burning stopped around my ankle and my cheek; settling into an eerie silence. Too bad it only lasted for a second.

It slivered down my throat like a snake; I was sent into excruciating pain as I choked to no avail, my hands scrabbled around desperately, though even as I clung, I was letting go. My grip on reality was becoming looser and looser. It was killing me from the inside out, melting me from the inside, the layers of my skin becoming thinner and thinner as it grew.

He had beaten me. His eyes glittered a new colour, silver; no doubt stolen from his last defaced victim. They looked even stranger with the absence of the detail of the rest of his body, just a black silhouette. This skeletal figure raised a hand. It sent the water alight. The last thing I saw, the very last thing was the most unusual. Even as I could hear and feel my world coming to an end I saw fire, and I was enchanted by its grotesque beauty.

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