Chapter 1Edit

Lilly saw that flash of red light and found herself in a place she did not recognise. It was only lit by blood-red flames, and horny creatures haunted the shadows. She felt somewhat empty without Luna, and wondered what would have happened if it had ended another way...

Lilly plunged into even denser darkness than before, and somehow nothing happened for what felt like an eternity. Then a scene flashed suddenly before her black, soulless eyes, and without realising she was back at her and Luna's first meeting years before.

It was just after Luna had revived her, and Lilly found herself staring at a complete stranger; she could not remember Luna; it was just like a really vivid dream except she didn't remember it had happened before. 

"Who are you?" she asked sharply, surprised at the new visitor. She had a pale, pointed face and watery blue eyes, very pale, like the sky in early morning. 

"I am Luna." the visitor replied calmly, seemingly unpreturbed by Lilly's tone. Lilly noticed Luna's eyes had become grey, and they shone like tiny moons in the darkness of the cave.

"Well, how did you get in?" Lilly demanded. It was unusual for visitors to arrive in the cave- it was protected by very dark magic. By the shadows, in fact; her servants.

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