As the moon rises,

A figure walks down the street

Past the street and city lights

And leaving people in awe

As she walks past them.

She is a shadow of a flower

A figment of beauty

But most people rarely see her.

Nobody knows her name

But when they all see her,

They stop and stare as she walks by

Speechless at her modest beauty

She looked so deep in thought.

Her presence is very mysterious

And has left others with questions

Which they ask each other, day by day.

Doesn't she seem like she has a lot of secrets?

Will she expose them to others?

Of course, she will, because she is a writer

Thus, she will write a book to reveal them all.

Nobody knows who she is

For she is a mystery to them.

Everything about her is a mystery

That no one can really solve

And they seek to find the answer

From every book on the shelves.

They never know what to expect

They will never know anything

Some will always try again

And others always fail.

Some say she's a mystery

Some say she's a dream

Some say she's stranger

And they imagine what her life is like.

With a pen in her hand,

She writes a story on each page

Full of mysteries that people haven't solved yet

She writes down truths about her

That will be exposed to others

The book that she is writing is yet to be titled

But she will title it as soon as she finishes writing it.

She is a wonder

She is a dream

And people are awestruck by this mysterious girl.

She is the one no one really knows

The one who nobody can help but notice

And the one that no one will ever forget.

They rarely ever see her

As she hardly shows herself in person

But she only comes out at night

Guided by the stars and street lights.

She is quite a young woman of mystery

She never talks to anyone

But communicates with others by the power of writing.

It took her a lot of time, but she's finally finished with her book

Titled "The Mystery Girl",

And as she publishes her book,

People will read it

And learn all the secrets she has hidden.

Perhaps you should read the book of the mystery girl

As she now comes out by day

Now that everyone knows about her

She promised to tell some of her secrets to us today.

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