The land of witches is a magical land

Filled with cauldrons, potions, hats, and books.

All witches have unique powers

Never leaving a single spell unhooked.

Mary, however, was a special witch

Who loved casting spells by the light of the moon.

Her favorite time to cast moonlight spells

Was during the evenings of June.

She thought both dark and light magic were alike

Because she studied both of them at the castle.

Her favorite magic was moonlight magic

Because in the dark, she loved to see it dazzle.

She enjoyed watching the sunset

Because it gave her inspiration

To cast new, different spells

And create wonderful magical creations.

As the sun sets,

And the moon rises,

Mary chants her newly-learned spell,

So gentle and quiet.

As sparks shoot from her magic wand

And give the moonlight a beautiful glow,

She sees all the wonderful power

She can bestow.

As her silhouette glistens in the moonlight,

And her spells a beautiful pitch,

She casts magic so gently,

Because she is the moon witch.

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