Spring has arrived.

Warm sun,

Green grass,

A gentle breeze,

The best season for kite-flying.

It is a pleasure

To see a kite

Float around in the wind.

A gentle breeze or a wild wind

Can be perfect for flying kites in the sun.

Seeing a kite

Flying in the air

Is like a colored bird

In the wind-whipped sky.

On a nice spring day,

I go out to fly my kite.

The wind was blowing briskly,

Just enough to fly it right

And if others are out flying,

It would really be a sight.

I tug at my kite

As the invisible hands of the wind toss it into the air

Turning and spinning,

Floating, diving,

Climbing, and soaring,

It catches the wind

And I watch it soar.

Seeing it dance beneath the sun

Is a really lovely sight.

If I really try,

I can really fly a kite.

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