" Prim. " I say in a calm tone. " What? " Prim is so scared she is about to cry. " This is your first year. They only put your name in once. They won't pick you. " Prim is a little calmer now. " True. " Prim says in a quiet voice.

" Welcome, Welcome! To the 74th annual Hunger Games. " My friend Gale is across from me. From the look of his face, he is not ready to fight in the Hunger Games. " May the odds... be ever, in your favor. " Effie selected the boy and girl tributes for about 7 years. " Before we choose are 2 tributes, we watch a video about how we now freedom today. " Effie says in the biggest smile I ever seen. A 10 minute video popped on the screen, about the war on how Panem came to be. They showed what each district does, and how District 13 was destroyed.

The video ends, but no one is clapping. Everyone is focused on if they will be reaped for the Hunger Games. " It's been so many years. " Effie begins. " And I still love that video. " Everyone is still silent. " It's time to select are boy and girl tributes. Ladies first. " Effie walks toward the jar of peices of paper with girls names. Effie takes about a minute moving her hand in the jar, just to be "fair", and selects a card. She walks toward the microphone, and all the girls are in a freaked out face except for me. I think Effie wants to be dramatic with the reaping. " Primrose Everdeen. " Effie announces.