The Four Survivors is a story written by NikolaSims. It is about four individual people with unique and different life stories who end up on the same island after the ship which they were passengers sank somewhere in the Indian ocean. How will their life evolve and will they happily return home in New York? And what will await them there?

Charlotte MorrisonEdit

>> Australia is a very distant country, Charlotte. You must be careful and take care of yourself on the boat. << - said her mother.

>>I will, mum don't worry! I'll send you a letter when I arrive! << - Charlotte replied.

>>And don't forget to say hi to aount Lottie from us all in the family! << - said her mother.

>> I won't! << - Charlotte said, you could see that she's a little annoyed. Her mother nodded as a sign of approval, but her face was sad and her eyes were shining.

>> Oh, mum, I'll miss you! << - said Charlotte while hugging her mother.

The taxi arrived with NY Yellow Cab written on it. Charotte took her luggage and went out of her building with her mother following her. She kissed her mother once again and got in the cab. Her mother waved to her, nad she waved her back.

The traffic was really slow on the 2nd Avenue, and the street was full of identical taxis. Like a taxi-invasion.

They passed near the Central Park and Charlotte wanted to take a last look at it before she'll leave. But suddenly, her face turned mad, she began to shiver. Her best friend Dana and her fiancee were kissing near a tree. Charlotte wanted to get out of the car and to yell at them all day long, but... it was too late. They arrived at the harbor.

Charlotte got out of the car, paid to the the driver and walked to the ship. It's called Queen Mary II, a very large and white ship. The space in front of it was filled with the passengers getting in the boat. She managed to get in the front of the line and, while waiting, she looked at the boat. Suddenly, some strabge woman appeared next to her.

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