The Dead

A story about a girl's death.
I was walking in the lonely dark street. I clutched my purse tightly. The street was deserted, just like a hot desert. The moon was nowhere to be seen. No stars, no moon. Pitch darkness. It was 10:00 p.m. Not a good place for a 16 year old like me. I imagined the screams i would recieve back home.
"It's past ten, Claire! Do you really want me to believe you lost track of time!?" my mother would scream. Clara, my sister, would wake up. My mother would stop screaming to not scare her. I snapped out of the future unpleaseant scene. I was back in my surrondings. I took a turn onto an even darker street. It was a violent street. What my mom called no-man's-land. I wanted to arrive home sooner to avoid the worst screams so i took the shortcut on Parker Street. As soon as i started walking down that sidewalk my brian kept screaming to get the crap out of there. I ignored the screams. What a huge mistake.
Out of nowhere a speeding car slammed into me. My body went flying through the air. I landed about tweleve feet away from the accident place. I heard the noise of tires screeching away. Why don't these poeple ever take responsibility for their actions? I knew it was too late. I knew i would die. My green eyes were about to shut off to the world completely. Never to open again. Never to see sunshine. I lay on the street in a scary pool of blood. The houses seemed to stare at me like i was a wierdo. My body lay crumpeled and weak. My eyesight became blurry and my hearing started to decrease. I knew death was about to come and grasp me with tight hands that would never let go. Guess i'll never make it back to the horrible screams that would wake the neighbors. Even the screams were better than the pain i was suffeirng from. I died at exactly 10:20 p.m. Never to reach home. Never to wake up again.

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