Disclaimer: Yeah yeah i know, "You stole Sev from RotS, the webseries." So yeah, I got the name and details from The popular series "Rise of the spartans" I did, however, make up the personality. So, let's get to the story!

This is a new genre for me, so cut me some slack.

Chapter 1Edit

I close my car door and sulk towards the door. The sounds of music and laughter are muffled by the school walls. Prom. Why again did I decide to come? That nagging feeling that I would meet someone was there, like always. But there was my senses returned. Everyone knew me. Who would be seen with me, one eye covered with a patch, my right arm nothing but a prosthetic.

I tug my suit to straighten it. The gray fabric with a bit of green trim was not appealing, but it was affordable. Even at it's low price, I had save up a month to pay for it. I had no family to fall back on, no real job to sustain me.

I slowly walked in. Most of the couples were to busy dancing to give me the customary stare and "pity-smile", as I called it, but still, I got a lot of looks and good natured heys. I felt awful. I was tired of it. The people truly did try to care, but they just didn't understand. They didn't know, just how many difficulties I faced. Every day. I put the thoughts off to the side. No need to be a wuss at this time. It was prom. Maybe you might meet someone.

Pssh, I thought, Yeah right. A girl. Suuuuure. Just another girl who "understood", who didn't really care, who just wanted the scary freak to go away.

I stopped myself. Don't start tearing up, Sev, keep it together. I tried to keep from crying in public, one reason, it made me look pathetic and sad. Another reason was the fact that, with only one eye, crying just. looked weird. I was standing at the punch bowl when I heard the door open. The soon-to-be prom king and queen walked in. I sighed and literally turned a blind eye toward them.

I poured punch into a glass and began to sip it. Then, the doors opened again. An absolutely stunning girl walked in, alone. My one eye opened wide, my mouth agape. I inhaled sharply, and found myself unable to breath. Dang it, I thought as i scrambled to use my re-breather. the medicine calmed my charred and almost useless lungs. I took deep breaths. I gasped, praying that no one saw me. I also noticed that in my fit, I had almost smashed the glass in my prosthetic hand. I stared at the hairline cracks.

"I'm a monster," I muttered under my breath. I sat down the glass and hurried away, towards the back of the gym.

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