If there was anyone who knew what the best household activities were, it was Lynn. She was able to make a long list of the best house activities and knew how to spend good hours at home.

It was a rainy day, so Lynn decided to read a good book by the windowsill and watch the rain fall. Lynn always loved reading by the window while it was raining because rain always helped her relax. Reading by the window was also her favorite hobby, because she was a natural bookworm and was always willing to find a new story to read about when she searched her bookshelf.

As she read the first chapter of a novel she was reading, she heard the gentle pitter-pattering of the raindrops falling on the roof and into the downspout.

The window was always Lynn's favorite reading spot. Every time she finished reading a chapter, she would take a little break and let her eyes wander and take in what was happening outside.

As she read while the rain poured, she was lost in her own thoughts, her mind wandering through daydreams and every paragraph she read. Her thoughts floated into her mind as she read the chapter, word-by-word. The sound of the rain made her relax and concentrate more as she turned the pages.

She stopped to rest her eyes from the pages by taking a look out the window. Even though it was a heavy rainfall, it seemed peaceful and still. It was always a good time like this to stay inside and do some of the best household activities.

Her eyes fixed on the windowpane, Lynn glimpsed at the outside world, she admired the beauty of the outside world. The rain poured from the sky, the water falling on the ground. It made the grass and fresh leaves sparkle, the pavement shine, and the soft pattering was relaxing.

Even though it seemed gloomy and dull, and nobody was enjoying the heavy rain, Lynn saw beauty in whatever weather there was. As she began to read the next chapter of her novel, she felt content.

She was happy that she could stay in her warm, dry shelter and read a good book. She enjoyed looking out the window whenever she took a break from reading.

As she finished the chapter she read, the rain stopped. She looked out her window to see what it was like outside.

The scene was calm. The clouds had parted, and the grass and plants everywhere had dewdrops from the rain. The wind was quiet and gentle, and it made her just as content as the rain.

No matter the weather, Lynn still enjoyed reading by the window.

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