Taking a pottery class is a good way

To do something fun and creative to spend the weekend.

In the Pottery Farm, I kick up my very own pot, vase, or teapot.

Some call it a profession - others call it a hobby.

Making your own ceramics isn't that hard.

Spinning the wheel,

I carefully mold the clay

Into any shape that I want.

Then I glaze it

To give it some color.

If I'm happy with the shape of my mold,

I place it into the kiln,

Where it will be warmed up for me by the next day.

After I'm done with my pottery

I take it home and place it on the shelf.

It's a lot of fun to unleash your creativity

By molding and carving your own clay models.

Bring your friends to help you paint and design your favorite little ceramic centerpiece.

Please join me in pottery class today.

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