Apartment 4… on Electric Avenue in a small town called Decatur, lived a family of 7 if not more. In the very family everyone seemed to have their own problems, but was soon solved in one way or another. Except… there seem to be one particular child whose problems only seemed to repeat. No matter how many times one tried to solve it. Curtis Rhodes lived in the apartment with his new profound step mother, Along with four other sibling one of them being his one year younger brother, Chris, And the other three being only related to him by marriage. The other three children belonged to his step mother. Curtis father wasn’t at home too often he had to work a lot to support the new family he had made after divorcing Curtis true mother. Curtis had been holding the grudge of his parents devours against them. Curtis has some idea as of why the divorce happened.

Curtis sat in his room, isolated from everyone in his house. it was all he felt he could really do. He usually spend most of the time there waiting for the days to go by. All he ever did in the room was sleep, do homework, draw or write some kind of story, but most of the time he just seat there day-dreaming. His stepmother had restricted his enjoyment of living. She took his covers, sheets and pillow and threw them away. She did the same for most of his clothes and drawing pad. Curtis could do nothing … his step mother called everyone down for dinner. They were having hot dogs, and like usual Curtis got three hotdogs while anyone else at the table usually got two. Before eating they had to say prayers. “As if praying did anything for anyone” Curtis thought. Curtis was a Christian by the rules of the new household in that very apartment. Everyone had their chats and laughs, but one way or another they would find a way to make some joke out of Curtis. Using the same insults. Rather it was about his appearance or an old habit, He had heard them all, the family was worst then his bullying phase. Though it didn’t stop there… Almost too many times Curtis was blamed for things that he didn’t even do, sometimes Curtis wasn’t even involved in the situation in the first place, and his step mother went with it. all because he made a simple face, when many times you couldn’t tell what Curtis was thinking or feeling just because of his face. Many people thought Curtis was sad or angry because of his facial expression, when there was nothing wrong with him to begin with.

After dinner, everyone headed to bed. At 6:00am Curtis had woken up for school on a Thursday. Being close to the school year ending many test were being taken. Curtis was supposed to take a test in third period. When the time to take the test in third period had come, Curtis had manage to miss the test. Curtis walked to the office about the situation. at first explaining the problem got confusing, but one way or another Curtis had gotten his point across. The problem was finally confirmed: Curtis had missed his test in third period because he didn’t head over to third period as soon as first period started… they said they would find some solution later but as for right now Curtis had to sit in the office until next period.

Curtis sat ever so patiently, hoping to be released. Some of the staff came in for some kind of lunch hour, toward the fact that they were eating salad. The staff often laughed over some memories they had, and although Curtis didn’t know what they were talking about, it made him sneaker a little. Curtis often envied relationships like this with friends as well as family, unfortunately that would never happen. Almost every person he met gave him some kind of attitude in one way or another. Having no friends was totally unavoidable. Curtis continued to sit there motionless until the next bell was to ring. Curtis thought back to his past to all the terrible torment that his step family had put him though. He started to believe that he truly hated them more than anything else.

“I think I’ve actually considered killing them” Curtis said. “What was that?” a teacher called out before nearly passing through the corridor beside Curtis to leave the office. “Oh, nothing I was just considering to kill my step family” Curtis restated as if it was the most casual thing he’s mentioned all day. The teacher just went by without a single word in reply.

After what felt like a few more hours. the bell finally ringed. Curtis was final relived to leave the office and head off to 4th period. Not long in fourth period, Curtis was called to the canceler’s office, although this came to a surprise to Curtis. He was unaware as to who his canceler was, simply to say because he just never bothered going to them. A few words weren’t exactly going to change anything. Curtis entered the room not knowing what to expect. At first it was simply just the canceler along with the police in the same room. The canceler greeted Curtis. Curtis took a seat. The situation was clearly stated: the comment Curtis had made about wanting to kill his step family had left a teacher rather concerned, and had been reported to the office, and that’s why Curtis is there. Not long into this discussion did Curtis step mother enter the room. This did not give Curtis a pleasant feeling. Before she had entered the room Curtis had went to explain that it was simply a joke of dark humor, and even if it wasn’t he didn’t exactly expect anyone to even take him seriously, after all no one did before so why now. While they were willing to take the comment seriously, that didn’t mean anyone was willing to take Curtis seriously.

After Curtis step mother came in, the canceler explained what had been discussed so far. One of the assistant principle came in soon after. She wanted to know the situation as well. The canceler asked Curtis if he would allow the assistant principle to know as well. Curtis said nothing, as he did not want to tell her because Curtis doesn’t like the assistant principle at all. Curtis step mother tried to guilt-trip Curtis by exiling the use of his own phone if he did not. “I don’t care, my life is un-enjoyable enough as it is, treat me like a dog if you want considering you seem to care more for a dog then you do for me. No one will care, not friends, family, or even GOD” Curtis had answered. Though it did not matter, because they told the assistant principle of the situation anyway. The school canceler suggested that Curtis could get help from a canceler outside of school. Curtis agreed to it, but only because it seemed rather as if someone might understand where he’s coming from. Curtis was let out of school early because of this. Curtis father had called because of the incident. Talking to Curtis he did not like how Curtis handled the situation. He told Curtis “there not your friends” before hanging up. Curtis was now in a bitter mood then before. The words that Curtis father spoke of, echoed in his head. The words however, had become changed. What his father said was: “there not your friends” but what Curtis was hearing was: “no one is your friend”. This made Curtis feel a little more unpleasant. Curtis thought this all the way to their destination… a mental hospital called: CHRIS CHILDREN HOSPITAL. Like a doctor’s waiting room, they had to wait for one of the longest times that Curtis thought he would have ever had to wait in a hospital. Curtis sat in a chair with nothing more than a dark bronze colored jacket with a light tan hood attachment, wearing a black under shirt and yellow bronze and black Jourdan’s. Curtis phone was nearly dead so he couldn’t really listen to music to pass the time. Eventually the time came when Curtis could finally go in further to the mental hospital. Before they could Curtis was checked for any kind of metal, however nothing was found except loose change and a broken necklace chain that use to have a cross on it. After the check for metal they had proceeded further and were guided by a black fellow in a pink and white uniform.

It seemed like a walk forward. They went through a door. it was a simple T- shaped area. Unfortunately the door behind them had locked itself. They entered a room called vassal 8 and were required to stay there until this so believed canceler came, that still putting in question that if there was a canceler. Luckily there just happen to be a TV inside the very room to keep them entertained, so Curtis had thought. At first Curtis tried flipping through the channels to find some rather cartoons to watch until he had gotten to one of his step mothers favorite shows. Then she began hogging the TV, keeping Curtis from watching anything. Curtis was then rather forced to go out into the hall and do who knows what. Curtis had left his drawing pad in vassal 8, after all he wasn’t expecting to draw anything, and earlier they had took his phone and locked it up in some cabinet.

While in the hallway Curtis met a person named peat. Peat had been in the mental hospital for a long time, and had even been transferred to other ones before. Curtis had a hard time understanding peat. He sounded as if he was on some amnesia drug of some sort. Curtis had once shown him a drawing he did and peat had mistaken a symbol for a cross. The fact of that symbol was nothing more than an arrow with a line drawn through it horizontally.

The canceler had finally came, however results were no different. Same questions same answers. only difference was that they gave an offer of placing Curtis in long term. This meant that Curtis could be in a mental hospital for a long time. That was it. The canceler had asked of Curtis step mother to come with her, meanwhile Curtis had to stay in vassal 8. They were gone for a long time. at first Curtis had sat still, then Curtis had begun moving around more frequently, then finally Curtis had turn the lights off simple because he was comforted about the idea of being in a dark room. All that waiting until Curtis finally fell asleep.

Here’s what Curtis doesn’t realize. In the moment of all that waiting. His step mother had signed him up for long term, to be in the mental institution for the next 20 years, with a made up story about how suicidal he was, and had went home in the first hour and thirty-five minutes. Preparation was being made to transfer Curtis to another institution, and when they were finished, they were just silently waiting for Curtis to fall asleep.

Curtis was beginning to awake to a sight of the ceiling. Curtis began moving around quite vigorously in startled confusion as to where he even was. “k-…katisu” a mellow voice had called out. Curtis had slowly rotated 180 degree to see a man in white. “w-what?” Curtis answered in question. The man in white had replied with the name “katisu”. “Why are you calling me that?” Curtis had questioned. “Is this not you?” the man in white had asked showing Curtis a profile of him. Curtis had grabbed on to the profile. About all the information on it was correct, even the photograph. The only wrong thing was the full name: KATISU RODOSU. Curtis however was aware of the name and simply went with it.

“I guess” katisu said, as he passed the profile sheet back. Katisu had questioned reason of him being there, but the man in white left, and just said that he would be here for a while. The only question now was, how long was awhile? Katisu waited through out the day. It became all down to simple psychological test, then medication, then a meal. That’s all, regardless to how many times katisu asked about his stay there, they all said the same thing “for a while...”

With in time katisu began to behave more and more unusual. He wouldn’t sit still and would resist his daily prescription. Katisu wouldn’t even speak during his psychological test. During the test the dialog went as followed: Walking in through the corridor a man in light blue would always start by greeting katisu, “hello, Katisu. How are you feeling today…” and so katisu would respond. “Like a caged dog”. “Ready to start” the man in blue would continue. “Are you going to answer mine” katisu would reply. “I already told you son. It’s going to be a while”. Katisu’s grip tightened. “Devils mind game” katisu grunted, and that was all. after that katisu was more then silent, he was lifeless to say the least. When given the three meals, katisu wouldn’t eat until the end of the day.

Within weeks Katisu’s personality would fade away. Only six months had passed at night katisu would bang on the metal door, resulting in nothing but bloody knuckles. “kill, kill…die, die…demons, demons…” katisu chanted. Eventually they had to strap katisu in a straightjacket at night to restrain him. Then no later his voice became so deep that others were wondering if katisu was possessed by a demon if not insane. At some point however, katisu did eventually calm down.

Many of the workers believed that removing katisu from his room had become too much trouble, so they began doing all of Katisu’s natural routines in the very room he was held in. sometimes katisu would cooperate starting with a greeting, other times katisu would strangle the nurse until she passed out and take the medication himself. Then the nurse would wake up confused as to what had happened, along with katisu standing over her seemingly concerned. Whenever the nurse asked what happened all katisu would say is. “You passed out” that’s it, not even going in to detail. The nurse left and always katisu would comment with: “Humans are simple beings”.

Katisu began eating less and less each day, until he stopped eating completely all together. Serving Katisu’s meals the person would notice that the cook left there butcher knife on Katisu’s tray, almost every time. Each time it became harder to realize that the butcher knife was there, until he forgot it completely. Katisu obtained the Sharpe and lethal tool. “Hmmm…” katisu said in slight amusement. “Is everyone trying to commit suicide? Katisu thought. “Wouldn’t it be easier to just jump of a highway” katisu commented to his primary thought.

4 months later. A black out had occurred and the whole mental institution began to panic. Katisu’s eyes had begun to adjust to the dark. With nothing but a blade in Katisu’s hand. Katisu chucked the butcher knife into the light source. Regardless of the black out. The day still went as normal. Usually a nurse went to katisu to give him his prescription at 7:30. The nurse headed there at 7:30 regardless of the black out she came to Katisu’s door, with little to no guards she went in think it was just fine. Katisu’s room looked pitch black like entering a dark abyss. The nurse entered looking around for katisu he was usually restrained but he didn’t seem to be in the room. The nurse found the entrance once again, as she moved toward it she thought she heard footsteps. Trying to ignore it the sound got louder. She stood silently. She was told that katisu was in his room… but no one ever told her… that katisu hadn’t been restrained…

Before she could realize it, it was too late. A butcher knife had came across the nurse’s neck. Decapitating her from her own figure. Katisu walked from the dark pit that was his room, and jammed the metal door. Katisu continued walking down the dark hall. The blackout lasted for a full day. Half of the works were supposedly missing and one quarters of the patients in the mental institution were dead at the door of their rooms. Always decapitated, some had gashes through their shoulders.

With the discovery of the multiple deaths, out of fear of death the co-workers began to abandon the mental institution. At least that’s what others assumed, however there was no way to tell if any of the frighten co-workers actually made it out alive. However one thing was certain. Katisu’s room had no light source and was jammed.

One month later. All patients of the mental institute were considered dead, and only three workers remained. One guard, one nurse, and one doctor that was all. The guard had remained in a security room full of camera monitors with a total of 20 monitors, but for whatever reason only 4 were available for current use. All was looking well until suddenly three of the available monitors displayed the same area. The area featured a boy facing the camera. The guard was rather confused and startled by the mysterious occurrence. The boy said something… 6 words that the guard could not hear because of the lack of speakers for the security cameras. The three cameras became unavailable. The last camera showed only static until the next second the last camera feature the guard himself with someone standing behind him. “Your faith won’t change your fate”. Startled, the guard rotated, only to be amputated and the controls and monitor soaked in blood…

2 hours later. the doctor had currently came from the bathroom. The doctor began walking down the hall to head back to his office. The doctor suddenly became slightly startled by the echo of footsteps that sounded louder than his own, however the walking echo was not constant, but it rather sounded as if someone was waiting 2 minutes in between each step. The doctor walked by a few hallways. The third one contained a boy standing at back view. Seeing the butcher knife in the boys grasp. The doctor figured it be best to keep moving. The next three hallways contained the same boy, but with each hallway the boy was turned slightly clock wise. The forth hallway, the boy did not show up. Fortunately that was the way back to the doctor’s office. The doctor strolled down the hallway at a fast pace, but the moment he got to the other end the same loud echo had made itself heard. The doctor dared viewed back to his last location only to spot the boy’s face.

Black hair, dark brown dilated eyes and dark skin completion, along with a bronze jacket and tan whitish hood attachment. The doctor concluded that this was katisu rodosu. The doctor bolted away with his life, looking for his office to lock himself in. if katisu was not in his room and is the only patient alive in the mental institution… the doctor didn’t even need a calculator to add that up. As the doctor intently headed to his office the echo sound of footsteps had became constant. The doctor took a sharp left down the hallway. The hallway became slightly dark as the doctor had grasped the door. he quickly entered with relief of safety, except one problem.

The doctor’s office was a right turn from the point he had turned. Where the doctor had entered was not his office but a small abandon lab. Forgetting about katisu for a minute the doctor looked around the small lab. Out of everything one particular thing caught the doctor’s eye. A rather large test tub that contained black liquid. “Zy₄E₈S₆₆₆Le” the substance was labeled. The doctor observed the substance and nearly attempted to put his finger in it, until the sound of a shut door had stopped him. Looking back at the entrance katisu had let himself in. the door it’s self didn’t have a lock to keep katisu out. Katisu leaped toward the doctor. In quick reaction, the doctor chucked the unknown substance at Katisu’s face. Katisu blocked the top part of his face with the butcher knife. The test tub containing the substance had shattered its self against the butcher knife. While most of the substance got on the bottom half Katisu’s face, some of it had manage to make its way into Katisu’s right eye, through a circler hole on the butcher knife. Katisu had closed his right eye, concealing the dark liquid inside his eye socket and screeched in agony. Katisu twisted and turned as he slashed with the butcher knife in all directions. The other remaining of the substance had got into his nose and had went over his shoulders, dripping mostly down his back. Lots of steam came from katisu. Katisu looked up toward the doctor still shrieked in pain. His right eye was now gone and his jaw had now became rather skinless. Seeing Katisu’s rather new appearance, the doctor violently jolted against a bunch of metal shelves that contained other glass containers. 5 large containers had fell, as the doctor looked up, the containers smashed against the doctor’s face and on other parts of his body. The doctor’s face and hands were pierced with the glass of the containers. The doctor was soaked in the fluid, but before he could claim the fluids as harmless, Steam had came from the doctor as the substance ate through the doctor's clothing, and his flash. The fluid had continued to eat through the doctor’s bones and organs and had nearly began to eat though the metal holding the shelfs. The shelf of fluids had fallen and were so strong that it ate through the floor instantly, as if it was cotton-candy. The doctor’s body had been eaten away completely. Meanwhile katisu was still in pain on his hands and knees trying to wait for the pain to fade away like it would usually, in nearly any situation, but like getting burned from fire the pain had still managed to stay active. Breathing heavily katisu had soon stood up. A laugh, he could not help but do. “ha-ha, this is a lot like those creepy pastas that have some missing eye if not both” katisu found his situation amusing but at the same time unfortunate, trying to compare his situation with a common cliché in the terrifying lore that he used to read. With blood coming from his right eye socket he dared stick his middle finger inside for curiosity. It felt odd but katisu was amused by it. Katisu gripped his butcher knife, viewing the damage that had been made. “o-one more” katisu stuttered “just one more before I can leave this place in peace” he whispered. Katisu did not know it but a red light had illuminated from his right eye socket.

Katisu strolled down the hallway only to head to the restroom. Before he would continue to clear the mental institution he wanted to get a good look at himself. As katisu finally made it to the restroom he did just as he intended. Looking at himself there really wasn’t much to see, just a missing eye and lots of hanging flesh. Katisu tore the hanging flesh from his face, doing so the pain was rather agonizing, but katisu had picked many scabs before so this was nothing to him. When he had finally finished his jaw had remained nothing but reddish bone. Katisu brushed the bone structure that was his jawed face. After observing his own face katisu continued to pursuit the nurse.

The nurse’s location was quite unknown to katisu. It was obvious where ever the nurse was that it was where ever the Medication usually was, which left only one question. Where do they keep the medications? Searching effortlessly for his final victim, katisu began getting these strange hallucinations. In every third room or even hallway there would be some horrifying occurrence. Perhaps there was a room were someone had hanged themselves or a hallway of massacred bodies, one way or another the sight was commonly horrifying. Out of all the hallways one hallway stood out from all the others. No matter how many times katisu checked that hallway, there was never an odd haluction that occurred there. Uncertain about the hallway however, katisu checked it last.

Down the hallway, a simple straight path with an iron door at the other end appearing as clear as day. The hallway it’s self however was an entirely different story, as it had remained too dark to even see the walk way, but with little thought, katisu carelessly walked through it. He did not think of what could happen, not about if there was no floor, not if it was trapped, not even if someone would ambush him somehow. The only thought ringing in his head was: “one more… just one more”. Walking slow and steady. Every 4th or 3ed step, something would prick him somewhere, he didn’t even bother to stop to consider what was even going on. He only progressed to the iron door. The door didn’t seem to be getting any closer, suddenly the door became blurry … and when katisu realized it himself, he realized what was pricking him every third step.

“Tranquilizer’s” he said, and without hesitation he began rushing toward the door. As Katisu ran toward the door, the door finally looked as if it was getting closer, until it was getting further almost as if it was running. Now katisu was being pricked 2-3 times for every step. He screamed in frustration trying to catch the door. “ONE MORE…ONE MORE… ONE FUCKING MORE…” katisu chanted, and just when the door looked most blurry, katisu chucked the butcher knife at the door. The knife had slammed through the window of the iron door. Lights had lite up to show the walk way of the hall. The hallway looked completely normal, and there was no telling where the tranquilizers were coming from either. Katisu walked down the hallway to finally reach the door. A door not made of iron but wood. holding the wall for support he slowly got to the door. When he got there he turned its chrome knob and pushed it open into a dim lighted room. Katisu fell to his knees trying so hard to keep his eyes open, with his back side covered in tranquilizers. Katisu looked up to see a blurry figure hanging by a rope, slightly swinging side to side. “w-what” katisu fell on his side, looking at the hanged figure with his only eye, For a little moment his sight cleared a bite to see the nurse he was looking for, who had hung herself conceivably out of fear for her death.

“Damn it” katisu said in a whisper as his eyes closed. “Now you won’t be able to get into the heavens by my blade” he thought before passing out.

May…23rd … 2016 An eye opened to only view the ceiling. The tranquilizers seemed to have worn off, but for how long did they last, there was no telling how long katisu had been out for, “everyone is dead” katisu concluded. Katisu didn’t know what to do. Out of his own laziness he took a nap for perhaps half an hour or so, after what felt like an hour of sleep katisu felt that his laziness was becoming uncomfortable. Katisu stood on his feet and dusted himself off. “Harmony…muteness…luxury” katisu thought as he took a deep breath and sighed in some relief. He tried looking around as if just waking from a dream, however katisu was quite aware of the event that took place. Nothing seemed to have changed the suicidal nurse still hanging from above katisu. Katisu gazed at the body to remember the last three that had been killed by him. “Why didn’t they escape” katisu wondered. The thought soon fled from his mind as he exited the once believed iron door. Not much seemed to change. the same hallway remained lite up. The rest of the mental institution just remained rusty. As katisu walked the halls, a rattling of chains ringed in Katisu’s ears, but looking around katisu couldn’t figure out what was causing the rattling, so for the time being katisu tried to ignore it. Katisu walked his way back to the odd but abandon lab. the hole in the floor still remained. Katisu stood near the giant hole in the floor, and like a cliché in some stories, part of the floor collapsed under Katisu’s feet.

“Ahhhhh” katisu yelled on the way down. Katisu tried grabbing on other parts of the other floors that the acid had melted its way through. Katisu’s attempts seemed pointless until the fifth attempt, a chain tangled its way around Katisu’s arm. Katisu was pulled up by the chains. Katisu made it to an unknown floor in a room. Katisu did not hesitate to get out of that room with the giant hole in the floor, nor did he question the chain that pulled him up regardless of no one but him remaining in the building. Katisu continued to walk the halls looking for a way out of the mental institution.

The floor katisu was on didn’t look familiar in anyway. Looking around, katisu was starting to wonder how it was even possible to get to the floor that he was on. Until he finally confirmed it… it wasn’t. No doors, no elevator, not even a stair way. Katisu eventually found a door but entering it. He found a rather horrifying sight, blood splattered walls and floors with chunks of flesh and fragments of bones. Katisu fled the room with terrifying chills up his spin. He bolted around a corner and was now on all fours. Trying to take in the sight that he had seen, it took a while for katisu to stop feeling so uneasy. Sooner or later katisu tried confronting it over and over, until the feeling was final numb… katisu opened the door. He stared at the room of massacred corpses. Katisu began to do a regrettable ordeal, taking step into the very room its self. Just being in the room still gave him chills. A strange tall glass container was in the room’s center. Nothing seemed to be in it just a plaque with a picture of a butcher knife. The plaque it’s self reads:

Devils sanity Only he who bears its skin may He wield this blade and Continue living on as he Once was…KYOKI. A demon with its sanity intact For only he will understand And see the world as it is

“Devils sanity? Was that the name of this thing” katisu thought. A strange but simple equation was on the bottom of the plaque: (Zy₄E₈S₆₆₆Le) + [devils sanity] = KYOKI

This had confused katisu. The formula had one part that katisu didn’t understand. The first part. “Was this chemical formula The skin that the plaque explained” katisu thought, but was unsure of it. Katisu looked around to see if it was even around. Katisu founded it in the corner of the room, in the grasp of a severed hand with barely a grip on it. Still feeling too uneasy to even go that far as to even touch it. There are times that katisu would attempt it, but had only been able to touch it, so far. as he was far too scared to hold it in his grasp. Katisu got up and went over to mess with the other corpses. Trying to get over the fear of the dead corpses, as he did have a fear of dead corpses of not only people, but animals as well. Many hours had passed by. katisu had been doing nothing more than poking the corpse. It was hard to tell if it was even day or night. The co-worker usually kept katisu updated on the time, but they were all slaughtered by Katisu’s hands, just so he could have some form of peace.

Katisu had a habit of not cutting his finger nails. He founded it unpleasant the way it felt for his finger nails to be standing on the tips of his fingers. After hours of poking the corpses, katisu was finally comfortable with just touching them with his bare hands. Katisu picked the little pieces of flesh from the corpses, as blood leaked out of them. The corpses eventually became a bloody mess. Katisu continued digging into the corpses with his fingernails, till they remained nothing more than fragments of bloody flesh...

Katisu went back to the odd butcher knife. There was a strong resemblance to that very butcher knife and the one on the plaque. “Could this be the blade called devils sanity” katisu thought. he reached for it and this time without hesitation. Katisu stood up with it in his hand “guess it was nothing” katisu said, but had spoken to soon. Katisu flinched “fuck… what the fuck” he said as he had a painful feeling in his back side. Katisu reached out with a more painful reaction of screeching, as the pain had been increasing. Katisu would shriek more and more as the pain got worse and worse, until finally… as katisu was bent over on all fours, his back burst open, blood literally gushed out like a geyser. black fluid began to rush out as well.

Before it was over, a series of black chains erupted from Katisu’s back side. The chains began to lay flat on the floor, once they all had erupted from Katisu’s back side. Katisu had fallen and passed out on the ground. Katisu had come to after a while he opened his eyes to find himself in a puddle of his own blood. “That was the worse shit I have ever felt in my life… probably worse than death itself” katisu thought to himself. As katisu attempted to hold himself up, 2-3 of the black chains got in a position to support katisu. Katisu was planning on holding on to the wall, but oddly enough the chains gave enough support. Katisu felt uneasy about the chains but was in too much pain to really care. Blood dripped down his back side. katisu had finally exited the door. About time he exited the room the chains were practically doing the walking for him. Katisu tried getting around even with the chains moving him around, katisu still passed out once again.

Katisu had finally came to and was sitting on the floor. Katisu’s back side didn’t hurt so much anymore, in fact his back felt completely numb if anything else. three links of chains laid on the floor. Katisu grabbed on to one, as he dragged it until his backside skin was being pulled in reaction. “What the hell…. What happened to me” katisu thought. The chains felt like rubber, but dropping them on the ground they sounded as hard as regular chains, and even fractured the floor, at the end of the chains was a black sphere, although katisu was unaware as for the use of them. Katisu got up to find that he was standing in some hallway. there was a door not too far away. Katisu walked to it, he wanted to find a bathroom or at least a mirror to take a look at his back. After opening the door katisu seemed to have entered a waiting room. Katisu looked around and found a mirror, and with that katisu did what he was meaning to do. Taking of his jacket and shirt the first thing he noticed were the parts of his face. It was diverse the bottom half of his face looked like a black mask with human teeth and stitches stretching on each side. Katisu’s right eye also looked different. It was completely black with a red iris. The next thing katisu noticed was how skinny he was “huh, I guess I really let myself go”. Katisu proceeded to look at his backside. black spots surrounded the places where the chains were linked into his back.

Frightened, katisu thought the black spots could have been some kind of rash, but the spots looked offaly shiny like chrome. As katisu viewed his back the chains suddenly retracted. This had startled katisu for only a moments. The chains retracting felt something like a chain sliding though one’s grasp, but a little more wired. Katisu put his shirt back on and his jacket, even though they were full of holes, from his odd transformation from earlier. Despites what’s happened so far, katisu sat down looking into the mirror thinking as to what he would do next.

It was the waiting room katisu was standing in. the exit only feet away though solid double doors. The only thought swimming in Katisu’s couscous was where to go next… “w-what am I supposed to do with my life now”… “Despite my actions, I don’t think I can live with this worlds system anymore”… “I don’t want to live on this world anymore with these people” “God kicked them on to this world” “So I’ll kick them back off” “Or at least live a new life style” “I don’t know how, but in a way. I feel as if I was asking for this… life style” Katisu got up as he walked over to the exit. Walking out the exit he stopped to view the night sky, with a full moon as his light source. The mental institution in the background, and a forest in the front… “The devil with its sanity in tacked, what was he called??... Oh, right, KYOKI” “I guess I’ll take that name as my own” Two chains extended from kyoki’s back side as he walked into the forest. “It sure is a beautiful night” kyoki commented before vanishing into the forest


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