It takes two to ride a seesaw.

At least that what people say.

It takes two children

To ride a seesaw on a school playground.

It takes two to balance.

For one to go up and the other to go down.

But nothing can compare

To what I saw the other day.

A dog and a cat were on a seesaw,

One going up and the other going down.

As the cat went up, the dog went down.

As the cat went down, the dog went up.

Although they were small,

They could balance together.

Back and forth they balanced,

One was pulled down,

And the other was lifted up.

Surprisingly, even thought they say

That dogs and cats are enemies,

The dog and the cat seemed to like each other

And didn't bark or hiss at one another.

How balanced they were,

Being catapulted in the air and plummeting back down to the ground.

It seemed kind of cute,

But it seemed pretty silly.

For I never saw a dog and a cat

Form such a bonding friendship

While balancing on a teeter-totter.

They were taken to heights

And brought back down to the ground,

The dog let out a playful bark

And the cat gave a soft, happy meow

As they balanced on the seesaw together.

And from this experience,

I have learned something important,

Something I've never learned before.

It takes two to ride a seesaw

And to keep the seesaw balanced,

The two riding it must have a strong friendship formed

And balance out their differences together.

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