Unamed Girl "Alina"- The Protagonist.

Xiomara Darnonu-- Supporting Character.

Portia Farrahra-- Supporting Character.

Cressida Allsada-- Supporting Character.

Tabitha Zxellhar-- Supporting Character.

Cato Jausaulad-- Supporting Character.

(yeah, the photos aren't realistic. Focus on the facial features and hair and that stuff, not the clothing and that.)


A young girl living many many years ago, searches for her name, and who she is.

~*Note: This is not historically accurate.*~


I don't have a name. I don't know who I am. I doubt I ever will. My friends call me Alina. It's not my name. My journey, starts now.

Chapter OneEdit

"I don't want to go to war!" Tabitha whines. "Suck it up Tabby." Xiomara snaps, and grabs her arm, following us to where we are going to try and get into the battle. Quiet Portia doesn't say anything. I, of course, am super exited. This is probably my only chance to find out who I am. The only thing I know about my past is that my father was a warrior, and my mother died in childbirth of my stillborn brother. Otherwise, I'm completely clueless.

After a while of walking, we reach a man that looks like someone just back from the battle going on right now. He's sweating, and bloody, and carrying a sword. I walk over to him, "Hey, you." I yell. "What?" He rasps. "You! Come here!" I yell again. He walks over, "What?" He says, clearly ticked off. "What's your name, and where's your leader?" I ask. "I'm Cato, Caius is over there." He says. I run over to a man talking to a young boy. When I reach him, he gives the boy a sword.

"You, are you Caius?" I say. "Yes, who may you ladies be?" Caius asks sternly. "Xiomara, Portia, Cressida and Tabitha." "And your name?" He pushes. "I-I don't know." I stutter. "How can this be?" He booms. "My father never gave me one as far as I know!" I yell raspily. "O-oh." He says. "Well what do you want?"

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