Aiko Hoshiyama was a rather clever girl,

And she had just started school.

Since she was so clever, she was appointed by her teacher,

Who assigned her as the head of her class.

Being head of the class was hard work.

She had to carry some books for her teacher,

And took notes for her classmates.

Aiko scanned through her textbooks

As she prepared for upcoming tests.

She was appreciated by others

For her hard work and dedication.

As she was intellectually-respected and scholarly,

She was considered a "teacher's pet" by some students.

As she wrote down her essays using a thin black pen,

Her classmates couldn't help but be amazed at how intelligent and persistent she was.

Being a know-it-all and over-achiever,

Aiko didn't mind when teachers piled up on her homework.

Because she often made unassigned work by herself just to get some extra credit.

All her peers in school were always very curious about her mental intellect and persistence.

They thought Aiko was a little bit strange

Since she was a lot smarter than any of them.

They decided that she needed a bit of getting used to

For the year had just begun.

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