Prologue Edit

Claire,My name is.... Claire Halsey. I have no memory when I wake up. But then I remember we are fighting and we are losing. My best friends Zeke Bendon and Annabella Philips are by my side when I wake up. "What happened?" I say. "You were shot by the other side's archery,Shimmer" says Annabella. That explains why my head feels so heavy. I look into Zeke's eyes dreamy. I shake that feeling off and say to myself "I can't like him now he has been my best friend since kindergarden". Commandor Everglade comes in and says "we captured someone from the enemy's side, Claire you should come take a look with me". I get off my bed and go with her. The person they captured is wearing a black cloak. Commander says she has to go check the food supply and that while she is gone I should get all the information I can get from this person. Commander leaves, the only sound is our breathing. The person speaks and says "my name is Kristina Browns, I am "the other side's" spear thrower I sit there with my eyes wide and suddenly pass out.

Chapter 1 : The Bread Edit

I scream suddenly, mother comes in to check on me and so does my sister Alice. I have been sick for the past week and have also been running a fever. Mother and Alice say I should get some rest. In the morning I wake up and feel better. I must go to school so I take a bath and put on a light blue dress. The young children walk with each other and the older children such as Annabella and I walk in front of them. Jaime and Aalyssa push each other and since Zeke is at the front of the line his eyes open really wide. I am curious to see what he saw and as everyone gets in the front their eyes are also open.


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