Fall is a wonderful season

Because of the multitude of colors and the soft breeze.

Mother Nature expresses herself,

Painting a palette so rich and full.

As I take a walk in the peaceful park,

I take a look at my surroundings,

So wonderful to see.

I see the leaves fall

And turn golden beneath the sun.

The weather turns cool

And the breeze gently blows.

It is quite beautiful and pure,

As it makes my eyes dance with delight.

Birds and geese fly across the blue sky,

Migrating to somewhere warmer.

Hedgehogs skitter across the path

And hide in the bushes.

The vines turn orange,

The squirrels blend in,

The foxes turn gold.

Eagles soar and butterflies hover,

The world is covered in a wonderful golden color.

The golden colors make me so content

As I see them surrounding me.

The sweetest season of all,

Is none other than golden fall.

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