Charlotte was a young artist.

The most talented little artist of all times.

She had always been really good at painting since she was a little girl.

The first thing she has learned in her life were colors,

Not numbers or letters.

That's why everyone called her a "gifted little artist."

Using her brush and her lucky palette,

She could paint any picture in under five minutes.

She exhibited her unique artwork to other people

In different art expositions.

Everyone was impressed by Charlotte's art skills

And it made her feel proud.

Sometimes, Charlotte gave art lessons to her friends

So they could become just as good as her.

As participants in her exhibitions took a look

At her pieces of art,

They all believed that they were all unique and inspiring.

Charlotte knew she was going to be very popular in the future,

Because she was a gifted little artist,

Who knew how to inspire others.

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