The dark angel with the scorpion tail

And the elegant wings of black,

Wanders through the forest at night

Making sure not to look back.

Nobody knows what the dark angel is.

Everyone asks if she's good or bad.

Do they love her, or do they fear her?

An enemy or a comrade?

The dark angel feels out of place

As the other angels are light and sweet.

She wonders where her place should be

Because she feels incomplete.

The dark angel is different and perfect

But the light angels taunt and jest.

She is lovely, she is shining,

Although they say she's a pest.

The dark angel is special and has talent

Yet still, she scares light angels away.

She is beautiful and flawless

Even though they don't give her a candle to her flame.

Although she's different from other angels,

She isn't quite that scary.

As dusk arises, she thinks to herself

That the light angels should be wary.

They need to see who she really is

And they need to understand

That she's not as evil as they think

And their rumors are getting out of hand.

She looks at the stars in the purple sky

And wonders what the night will bring.

The moonlight shines quite brightly

Which makes her think about something.

She is more than a cherub of misery

And brings more than pain and woe

She has a kind and caring heart

That's what other angels don't know.

She'd catch anyone if they fell

And pick them up when they were down

She liked having someone to talk to

She was a nice angel to be around.

Someday, she hopes to show other angels

Who she really is inside

Underneath her tail and black wings

Her beauty and perfection is something she cannot hide.

Her wings of black will spread wide and free

She'll show them that she's harmless.

She will show the other angels that she's not evil

She's a good angel of darkness.

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