• Refreshing Demise

    Hello, my name is Marcus, or, Refreshing Demise. I can see that there are some good writers on this wiki, but activity seems to be dwindling here, and the popularity of this once seemingly flourishing wiki has most certainly decreased. With that said, I would like to make a proposal. I have started a new wiki, and I have a small crew from a different wiki help me build from the ground up. Most of the people that are helping me are coming from a different wiki that is becoming much less populated than when it first started. The new wiki is all about writing in any genre, including things like fanfiction. 

    If you would like to join, and help me try to start a new generation of writers, please click the link below.

    Please, join the Writing Soil…

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  • NikolaSims

    Hi, first of all, happy Christmas to all of you who read this. :-)

    So, let's get to the case. There are so much orphaned stories, abandoned or discontinued stories which is a real issue in my opinion. Firstly, some new member may think that we aren't up-to-date and that no one is active here. If somebody gave up on a story, an admin should ask them whether to delete the story, or keep it with somebody else who would continue writing it. It's not really nice to see a really great start of a story that was last time edited months ago (there are so many examples for this; I give honor to the rare ones who finished their stories).

    We should do some more organising, as well. Personally, there is a lot of work now for us, the admins. And, another …

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  • NikolaSims

    I finally managed to build up the code for the userbox template so we can have them here! Profiles are going to look better now! :-)

    I only made the base for the userbox template. In order to make different userbox templates, I'll must make a page for every single userbox, but it's a really quick job. 

    Never mind, I'm now available to hear your suggestions what kinds of userboxes to make and I'll begin working! I have like thosuands of types in mind but I need your ideas on the first place! Any types, like what music do you hear, how many edits do you have, to the favourite game, favourite story here etc. Just name it, I'll make it!

    If you want to see how the base looks, it's like all the userbox bases on other wikis - the same look and struc…

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  • NikolaSims

    So, what do you think? The first templates! I need opinions in order to make them better!

    Here they are:

    Dialogue (to list all stories from a author under one of his stories)

    Incomplete (to let people know about the current status of the story, has customizable text input so it can be used also to tell that the story is, let's say abandoned, ended etc.)

    If needed, I'll also write under the templates on their pages what is customizable and where (and how).

    Nikola (Let's talk) 19:24, December 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • NikolaSims

    Wiki-related 2:Templates

    December 3, 2012 by NikolaSims


    I want to add some templates here to make this Club a little more visual. I know the CSS stuff and template building, so I only need the other admins to approve. I want to make the Ambox template, Userbox template and some other templates to use them on the main page. What do you think? (admins only). I guarantee I won't mess up things here because I know how to build templates and every step of the building and adding to the Common.css page is documented on the Template Wiki. In order to test things, I'll make a sandbox page for my profile. If you don't agree and are afraid that I'll mess up something, I understand. Just a little opinion gathering.

    Nikola (Let's talk) 19:58, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Readwritelivenikki

    Hey, it's Nikki. I've been doing a lot of housekeeping on this wiki, and a constant annoyance is useless categories. A lot of people make up their own categories, and they never get used. It's difficult to keep up a clean wiki when there are tons of categories that are unmade and used by only one person. So if you have categories that qualify for one of the following, please delete your story from it. It will save a lot of time and effort in the future.

    1. It's a category for your stories specifically
      1. If, say, you have lots and lots of stories (e.g. Over 20), this would be reasonable. But a lot of people have only a couple, so it makes it useless.
      2. If you have a series of stories that are over 3 stories, or have it in chapters, then I think we co…
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  • NikolaSims

    So, in a very long time nobody responded for the applications for administrative privileges here. Ergo (latin for so), I decided to answer to those applications. Please check out the page, and admins and the users who applied, in order to select new admins. I know I'm a new admin, but I think I have the right to show my opinion for those applications. If nobody else shows their opinion, I'll wait some time to see if the users are active. If they are, I'll choose 1 (low chances for 2) admins.

    If there are no problems, that's it. Contact me on my talk page if needed.

    Nikola (Let's talk) 16:27, December 2, 2012 (UTC)

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  • NikolaSims

    MeVision 1: Joining

    November 24, 2012 by NikolaSims


    I've just been on this wiki for a day, so I'm still new. I already have plans about what to write here, and I feel really enthusiastic. I'm so happy I found this Wiki, because I've been searching for this type of Wikia a long time!

    I hope that you guys here will understand if I make any mistakes, I'm new on here + that you will like my storys. It will really matter to me. Thanks for your time,

    Nikola (Let's talk) 08:39, November 24, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Clove12345

    my clato story

    November 23, 2012 by Clove12345

    this story will be short im sorry but well here we go

    One day, I saw a kid and his name was Cato and I wanted to ask him to be my friend, but I was scared. So I waited for him to ask me.

    Next day

    I went to traning and I saw him there but he was hanging out with Glimmer, and Marvel was coming my way.

    "Do want to pretend date me? I want to make Cato jealous." I asked Marvel.

    "Sure." He said. So then one day, Cato came up to me.

    "Hey look this is a little weird, but do you want to date me?" He asks.

    Um, what? Should I say yes? I had no idea wat to say. Then I saw Marvel coming.

    "Hey! Get away from my girlfriend, okay?" He said.

    "Marvel," I said, "it's okay, Cato and I are in love now." Oh, so then, he went to Glimmer.

    "Hi Glimmer, do you want to date m…

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  • CloveIsBadass

    The Dead

    September 30, 2012 by CloveIsBadass

    Ok, so i've already started my own story. It's called The Dead. I would really appreciate it if you commented feedback on it after reading it. Just look for The Dead. Thank you for reading this!

    Clove8078 (talk) 00:49, September 30, 2012 (UTC)Clove

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Right guys, I'm blocked from THG and am falling back on several wikis, this one is up for consideration, but I need to know. Can I still write as good as I thought I could?

    The stories I did back then have died.

    Special Agent Kidz, 102nd, they are all stopped and gone.

    What should I do now?

    Should I remake one, or what?

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  • Dannoh403

    So, I'm having my stories stolen by dbd. So i'm putting them in blog so he can;t mess em up.

    First one:

    Alex (Leader): Spartan-712. One of the smartest spartans in the force. He is more worried about his troops than the preciding mission.

    Caden (Heavy Weapons): Spartan-1105. A very skilled soldier. He's just slightly crazy. Not only can he eradicate enemies with his weapons, he's not a terrible sniper shot either.

    Ryan (Driver/CQC) Spartan-371. Ryan drives the teams specialized warthogs. Even though they might be the "Best of the Best" He has a track record of crashes, being shot down, and "Technical" problems. But he's still a very good fighter on foot.

    Will (Sniper) Spartan-313. Will is one of the best shots in the business. He doesn't miss.…

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  • Henryjh98

    User Groups

    August 23, 2012 by Henryjh98

    Hey, on several wikis, they have user groups. I was thinking we should create a few.

    User groups give certain users who get accepted privileges and they have specific purposes to help the wiki do better, like making articles better and more up to the standards. Others might help with coding. Then there might be ones that help certain articles.

    It would be awesome if we got some? Does anyone have any ideas?

    Here are two of mine.

    • The Embellishers- a group dedicated to editing all articles and making them higher standards
    • Animal Authorities-a group that focuses editing on stories about animals

    Just post your ideas and opinions in the comments below and let's see how this works out!

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  • Victory!

    Hey everyone!

    If you are reading this you probably already have an idea or just were curious. But anyways, I wanted to ask you, if you have any (really any, not matter how stupid they might sound!) ideas how to improve The Writing Club. Something like competitions, templates, group stories, anything ;) I hope there'll be lots of comments :D

    Victory! 06:50, August 23, 2012 (UTC)

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  • AcerEvan

    Hey guys. I'm here to make a competition - I hope you, all competitor will create a story, will complete it, and finally that will be a good story.

    Why now? Holidays haven't started, and we are going to back at the boring mighty school! Yeah, I have been here for one day, and I hope my contributions here are constructive.

    Here's how it works. You are given a nonsensical prompt based on your identity. Then you have to submit it, as little or as long as you wish. Then you have to post it for us to see. By:

    • Comment
    • Blog post
    • OR... Publish it as your own story!

    Note that "I" doesn't have to refer to you. "I" can be a self-insert, an OC, or an established character. Also please remember that you can bring it on fanon portal, or just commenting, as long …

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  • Henryjh98

    User of the Month

    August 22, 2012 by Henryjh98

    Hello guys! What's up?

    On another wiki I am active on, every month they have an award that is User of the Month. Someone nominates another person, explains why, and then that person accepts/declines the nomination. Then we vote by placing the template underneath the nomination. At the end of the month, the user with the most votes wins and then it starts anew.

    Who agrees with me before I go ahead and create the page?

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  • Zakel

    The Forbidden Curse

    August 10, 2012 by Zakel

    Hai Their, Your Reading This Right Now Aren't You.

    I Would Like To Say A Few Things And You Can Start Reading The Story:

    Well This Is My First Story Here.

    This Is My First Blog Post.

    I Never Been A Writer So This Is My Chance.

    I Write With Capital Letters Everytime In A Sentence So It Gets Annoying Sometimes. (I'm Sorry About That)

    It's A Habit :P.

    That's About It.

    Thank You For Your Time And Reading This. :3

    Ezekiel Andrews

    Katie Andrews

    (This Is All For Chapter One)

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  • Hannah230


    July 25, 2012 by Hannah230

    hey I was wondering if any of you guys would review my storie. I would like that very much thanks.

    The Diary

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  • Raven13 12


    July 23, 2012 by Raven13 12
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  • Iamsantana

    Hey everyone!

    I have re-posted the cause of fire (c), mainly cos I havn't really written much more, but also cos i dout it is gonna get published any way, and i realy missed you guys reading it!

    Thanks for all your support thorugh everything,

    Amy xx

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  • OA Cichon


    July 21, 2012 by OA Cichon

    Hello! My name is Olivia Cichon and I currently go the Henrietta Barnett School, London. My main occupation is school, however, in my spare time I really enjoy writing or reading stories and also playing the piano.

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    Hey guys! im starting my first series! all short stories from very popualr urban legands. EG. axe man in the backseat. babysitter. ECT and im hoping to do AT LEAST ten of them. and be warend. if your a bit of a fraidy cat. please dont read them thay will leave you quite freaked! anyways. leave me your thoughts and any suggestions on what stories i should do.

    P.S of course my other stories Peetas POV and vanile. will be contiuning. there will be a new chapter up on Peetas POV. some time soon. before this starts im sure.


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  • District3forever

    Have you seen a flower running in the breeze? Fluttering about so stealthy. I wish I could be one fluttering free, but everyone I see hates me. The broom whimpers, the mouse whisperes. My mom makes me bake, full of hate. It scares me so much I ache. The sickness is fluttering door to door making sure to take more. The yellow of their eyes looking at the sky. The Death will be sharing their portions, how I wish I could be free from here. This is weary, gets me teary eyed. How I want to twirl, whirl again. But now, I have to help the sick. I fall asleep to the wick. I want to be free like a daisy again!

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    Pump. Pump. I’m still alive. I don’t know how. This is the only way I know I’m alive. The horrible things I’ve done. Killed. In “hot” and “cold” blood. I used to know the difference. But now everything’s the same. When I kill. When I kiss. When I sleep. When I live. It’s all the same. The only thing that fills me now if air

    “Everything I’ve done I was forced to.” That’s what I used to tell myself. That it wasn’t my fault. Denial. Then came guilt. “It was my fault and I deserve to pay.”

    Now? Well now there’s nothing. Occasionally I think of prim. And I smile. But then comes sorrow because I killed her. It was my fault. And I don’t care. I don’t care about much about anything anymore. I am Katniss Everdeen. And since the games passed. I’m numb.…

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  • Angela Fowl

    Bronze Arts Award

    Part A Explore the Arts as a Participant


    Before you begin your challenge, you must make a plan. This will include responding to ALL the following questions or points in detail. You may copy them onto another sheet.

    · What art form are you going to practice for your challenge? Explain briefly what your challenge will involve.

    · Describe your current skills in this area, including strengths and weaknesses. Include previous work here if possible (drawings or photographs or samples of writing) with comments.

    · Why have you chosen to work on this challenge?

    · In what ways will the challenge help you to develop your skills? Be very specific: ‘it will help me get better’ is not good enough.

    · Where will you get input from- will you h…

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  • OA Cichon

    Our New Wikia

    July 17, 2012 by OA Cichon

    Hey everyone!

    Please check out a new wikia i have founded with some friends:


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  • MxTotally

    Hi :)

    July 17, 2012 by MxTotally


    My name is Lina and plz check out my story that me and my friend are writing:Where My Heart Lies :)

    We love romance and stuff so thats what its all about,

    Oh and i am going to post another story too and some random bits of writing..

    Lina x

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    this isnt a book. its just a sceen ive written. i hope you like it.


    “You basted!” I scream

    “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

    “Mistake my ass!”

    I take a plate from the dishwashing rack and though it at his head. And he ducks just in time. It scratches the fridge. Do you know what its like to be cheated on? The anger burns your face, your fingertips sting. Your toes numb. And your whole body lights up with detest. You convulse at the sight of the man. I cant control the words releasing from my mouth.

    “How dare you! We made vows. Does the word forever mean to you?” I screech.

    “I’m so sorry liv please bunny calm down”.

    “Don’t you dare call me that. Ever. I’m not your bunny anymore. Or your liv. Or anything. I’m a distant memory. Ge…

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  • Ever Searching

    New Story?

    July 16, 2012 by Ever Searching

    Hey everyone! I know I've got a story going, but this is for my next one.

    Vote for stuff here!


    Action/Adventure Crime Fantasy Dark Fantasy Historical Fiction Horror Humor/Comedy Military Mystery Romance (please don't click this one) Sci-Fi Thriller/Suspense

    How many Main Characters?

    1 2 3

    What gender is the main character?

    Male Female Male, Female 2 males, 1 female 2 females, 1 male All male All female

    How old is/are the main character/s?

    6-10 11-15 16-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35+

    Where does it take place?

    North America South America Africa Europe Asia A Fictional Land

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    hello everyone. this isn even a novel. just felt like writing it. its just a random scene.

    My heart is beating fast. A disconnected, unappreciable pounding. Who knows when It will stop? My shoulder is burring and stinging. The knife still logged with in. The cameras are sure to be picking up the desperate look on my face. The birds a squealing in my ears. My legs are pleading with me to stop pounding the ground. My body is begging for death. My eyes catch a small movement in he bushes ahead. District 2 steps out and growls. District 6 is halted behind me. Breathing fast.

    This is it. My death. 14 days in here have served long enough. The arrow shoots though my stomach. I’m not sure from where or who. But it doesn’t matter. It pierces my spri…

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood


    I walk back to my room (with my glass of milk) wondering what Haymich meant by “It was my fault”. He couldn’t have killed his girlfriend. No way. I walk into my room and say “light”. The lights blear into my eyes “too bright” the lights immediately dim.

    “Turn temperature up 3 degrees”. I say to the machine.

    “Unable to comply”. A polite voice says.

    “Why not?” I ask the voice

    “These controls have been restricted.”

    “By who?”

    “Main control.”

    I sigh this is my warning from the capitol. Either because I said I want to leave, or because I took katniss out in the garden. Either way I know I’ve been warned. I nod at the roof as if someone were watching.

    “Well what temperature is I now?”

    “Seventeen degrees Celsius and dropping”. Great this is going …

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  • Bananaman321

    Dark Legend

    July 11, 2012 by Bananaman321

    Date: June 25th Year: 2254 Time: 1145 Receiving Transmission from: Trainee Kyle Jang. Location: Granon, North America Beginning of Subject of Transmission: It Used To Be Called Summer

    June . That time of the year where you know when its truly summer. Children are off school and the fireflies are out. Hot , rainy, and warm days all for 3 months. Sweet cold cream sold everywhere and parks of amusement are crowded with people. Thats what I've read of. There are no more of those days when you could look up and see the sun burning you eyes. No, in the year 2254 something happened that blocked out the sun. We hardly see it anymore and the only time it shows is when there used to be summer. But its not called summer anymore, its called "The Harvest".


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  • Happygirl1448

    Today 7/11/12

    July 11, 2012 by Happygirl1448

    I love this wiki! I just added 3 new chapters on Escape please read

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood


    3 girls start a book club. And we use a book to make Britney spears hair magical. Then we fight our way into the white house ad take over Obama. Using the magical hair. Then put him on live television. And make him say “WHO RUN THE WORLD. LIBARINANS.” Then we will send all the adults to Finland. And put a HUGE FENCE AROUND IT. AND THERE PRISONERS . AND THE KIDS WILL RULE THE WORLD. NO SCHOOL. NO TEACHERS. NO PARENTS. AND WE GET TO JOY RIDE ALLLL DAY. WE RUN ALL THE SHOPS AND WE OWN ALL THE HOUSES.

    Step one: making the book club. The terrible three, lurk the local libraries, To find willing candidates to take over the world. Over 6 months they collect 60 willing people. We meet in the clouds by climbing jacks beanstalk…

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    IM MAD

    July 8, 2012 by Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    hello evryone i would just like to let you know how maD i am!,

    ive just joined a hunger games fan fic club. and i ve discovered someone has sotolen my book. owned it as heres. and then posted it. what to do?

    im very mad, it illigal! and i can belive someone would do hat. what do u think my course of action should be ?

    i feel so betrayed!

    heres a link to the stolen book.

    here the link to where it was origonally posted.

    is it or is it not mine?

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  • Thresh is Fresh


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  • ILoveRedPoodles


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  • Katelyn.danita

    Hey guys! Thanks for reading this. I had begun a story called, "Backlash" but I just don't have the inspiration to finish right now. So I am beginning a more emotional story- about a girl named Evie.

    I really, really hope you like it.


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  • Katniss Jane Mellark


    July 4, 2012 by Katniss Jane Mellark

    I am going to write a story of a dancer but not an ordinary story. THIS STORY IS OPEN TO ANYONE TO EDIT.


    I went to dance practice as usual when i walked past a store that had a wonderful range of dresses for dancing so i went in and say a wonderful red, flowing, sparkly dress that i just HAD to get.

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  • Katelyn.danita


    July 3, 2012 by Katelyn.danita

    So, I decided to write my own version of The Hunger Games 4th Book, which Suzanne Collins plans to possibly publish hers (Yes, she has written one.:D) in Fall of this year.

    Well, I hope you like it.(:

    Comment and tell me what you think!

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  • HereComeTheDrums

    The Third Grade War

    It's the middle of the school year, and Ms. Balieys classroom has never been more divided. It's boys against girls on the playground, each gender plotting the other's downfall. Now, this would be pretty intimidating if the students hadden't been third graders. But as the tension at recess rises, and spies are sent out, can these witty students bet the opposing gender and pervail on the kickball courts, monkey bars, swings and playstructures?

    Chapter One-

    Romiette "Ree Ree!" Romiette's baby sister squeals as Romiette kisses her good bye. "I have to go to school!" Romiette runs outside to catch the bus, the one thats always late. She rocks back and forth on her feet, thinking about recess. Romiette's best friend, Jessica, or…

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  • WriteForever!

    I decide to try making a blog post. I don't know what really to writ so I'm just gonna talk abou my stories. The point of Life is my first story. It is about a girl in the future who runs after a murder after the killing of her best friend. (I just wanted to say that my thoughts are not at all as dark as Dina's.) My second story I am writing is called Secret Ocean. I am writing it with my BFF, Riley. It is about mermaids that are waring againt each other and two mermaids try to stop them. I hope you read them! Her are the links...

    The Point of life

    Secret Ocean

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  • ILoveRedPoodles

    My Stories

    July 2, 2012 by ILoveRedPoodles

    Okay, so I figured I would try making a blog post, cause I never have before. This is just info on what I'm writing right now. Oh, and just so you know, they both take place at the current time.

    So there's my first story, Remember Me. It's about 14-year-old Corina Summers, who is coping with the recent death of her sister. Soon after, she is forced to adapt to the completely new environment of a big city. The whole thing is basically about what happens in her life and how she deals with things, the tradgedy seeming to effect everything she does. Especially because her world seems to have been turned upside down because of it. She also learns quite a bit about herself, and changes, just like the rest of her life. (Not everything in it is def…

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  • FinnickForever Bullies. Jerks. School. Feelers, many more. I hate them. They're very disgusting. Yeah, i'm sill going at school. I'm still 14 years old.

    "Hey, nerdy!" a bully at school says at me with a smirk.

    See? They are saying random things at people they don't know. Yeah, people they DON'T KNOW. And plus, they don't know what they are saying. Me? a nerd? what a funny tease.

    "Announcement: All students, please come at the Special!" the announcer says.

    After that announcement, they start shoving me out of the way. Until I fall. No one helps me. Wow. I really hate this life. Wait, Special Auditorium? we're only going in that auditorium when something very very very special will happen. I wonder what's this 'special' thing.…

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  • SkyTimeGirl

    Hullo there! I have literally just joined this site and I absolutely LOVE writing, and I don't know which story to publish on this site. Which one do you think I should do?

    This story is about a 14-year-old girl called Katelynn Huxley who reluctantly goes to summer camp to give her single mother and three siblings a break. Her worst enemy, 16-year-old Oscar Mortley, unknowingly attends it with her, and they end up meeting on the bus. Awkward moment. The camp is in the barren ghost town of New Idria, California, where the temperature is scorching hot and everything is just parched. Whilst playing football, Katelynn's slide tackle goes wrong and she accidently catches a fellow teammate's ankle. She helps him back to the cabin but gets locked …

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    Chapter 2

    I know what you’re thinking. Who did it? Is he really dead? Is Clea shot too? How did this happen? Does he come back to life as some sort of zombie? It just a dream? Well I could sit here and answer your questions or I could explain how this happened. I guess the best way to do that is to go back to the start, where it all begins.

    BEEP BEEP my alarm blears. I reach over to turn it off. But decide against it. If I leave it going there’s no chance of me drifting back asleep. The sound pierces my ears. I feel my brain knock on my skull begging the sound to stop. But I resist. Eventually I’m fully alert. I flick the alarm off. I put my dressing gown on and open my curtains. My eyes squint, and eventually my eye accept the inevitable li…

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  • Dannoh403

    This is the first of (i hope) many stories. It tells the story of a squad of 5 spartans. They are the elite, the best of the best. I actually based these characters on my real life friends.Edit

    Alex (Leader): Spartan-712. One of the smartest spartans in the force. He is more worried about his troops than the preciding mission.

    Caden (Heavy Weapons): Spartan-1105. A very skilled soldier. He's just slightly crazy. Not only can he eradicate enemies with his weapons, he's not a terrible sniper shot either.

    Ryan (Driver/CQC) Spartan-371. Ryan drives the teams specialized warthogs. Even though they might be the "Best of the Best" He has a track record of crashes, being shot down, and "Technical" problems. But he's still a very good fighter on foot.…

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood


    We walk down the corridor and katniss is silent. We reach her door and still not a word. I lean on the door blocking her path. “So Delly Cartwright, imagine finding her look alike here”. I say. Insisting an explanation. She wants to say something. I can tell by the look on her face. This is her considering face. I’m not going to tell you how I know that one.

    She stands there, for what seems like forever, in hesitation. I realize that the reason she’s not talking is because someone could be hearing us.

    “Have you been up on the roof yet?” I ask making it very clear that I’m offering her an option.

    She shakes her head. “Cinnia showed me. You can practically see the whole city. The winds a bit loud though.” Making it painfully clear my …

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  • RueButtercup

    Blood on the Pines

    June 26, 2012 by RueButtercup

    This is a Fanfiction written by RueButtercup. The protagonist is fourteen-year-old Linnea Green from District Seven. It's a Hunger Games fanfiction.

    Please don't copy anything from it.

    I hate the Reaping Day. I hate the Capitol. I hate the cruel Games idea the Capitol got three years ago.

    The Dark Days were terrible, but they were better. They were our choice. We wanted that. But they went wrong, the Capitol won. They got their "good idea" about the games.

    The sun is rising over the pines. The sky is pink and beautiful, if I only could forget that today is going to be a nightmare. I lean against the pine tree and I let the smell flood my nostrils and let me dream. I love pine trees, I love decidous trees, I love all kinds of trees. My favourit…

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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood


    When we get to the training center I’m not surprised about how prestige it is. Like I said before. There fatting us up for slaughter. “Here’s some beautiful living conditions, brilliant foods, a lot of new toys you could have everything you’ve ever wanted. But you’ll die a horrible and brutal deaths at the hands of a fellow child…have fun”. I mumble while I take off my outfit. I go to my closet and pick out black “jeans” and a white tee-shirt. I catch a glimpse of the window, I look down and there are thousand of screaming fans.

    Wow, I guess we really did make an impact. I flashback to the look on Cato’s face, when we were extinguished. It makes my laugh out loud. I’m surprised when I hear a knock at the door. I’m even more surpris…

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