Sometimes I wonder

What it looks like beneath the ocean

I have a passion for marine life

So I will express my devotion.

When the ocean is quiet and the sun is shining,

Beneath the sea, everything looks clear and bright.

The orca whales go off to hunt

Looking for tuna and seals to eat.

The oceans are alive with less obvious

But I think it's really neat.

Sharks rest on the ocean floor

And stingrays fly above.

There are just so many marine animals

That I really love.

I would love to ride a sea turtle

Or see a saltwater crocodile

To see all these wonderful creatures

I'd just go a mile.

Sea otters rest by the urchins

And dolphins come out to play

There are clownfish, jellyfish, starfish, and angelfish

And there might even be a mermaid.

What is it like beneath the sea?

What might I find on the ocean floor?

Someday I might find out and see

What I've never seen before.

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