Beginning of the Dragoneye's Is the beginning of the Dragoneye's, that you can find out about in the book, Eon or the sequel, Eona. Of course, if you read Eona, you shall know how this so called "bond" started.

The True BeginningEdit

The Dragon's watch in pure horror, they were newly reborn. But the people were surrounding their queen.

The blue beast lunged forward to protect the queen, but he could not come close. The red beasts eyes pleaded for the blue beast to do nothing.

All of the beast stare as they try to pry if from her. The red beast cries out in pain but tries to struggle away. But the humansare stronger then thought.

The 12 humans are now yanking at the pearl, and finally, they get it. The red beast cries out in loss. All of the beast join in with her.

The humans smile. The one female there is forcing a smile, but the beasts do not notice it.

In defeat, they all let the humans join with them, have their power. They offer their pearl's to each human, hoping to get their pearl back soon to be reborn, because in 500 years, either it was that they were reborn or they die.

The only female there touches the red beasts pearl last. She understands her fear, her anger, her defeat. But the female, after they are bound together by a fine line, all she could want was power. That's all she needs and wants anymore.

This is the true beginning of the Dragon and Dragoneye. No bond was ever created, it was only said that way to keep the men in peace, so they would not fight back. Demand they be set free. But I have set them free. And peace has settled the land.


The Next Dragoneye Story...Edit

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