17.03.2013- 9:14 pm - I just thought about the whole situation. I never meant harm but I have acted crazy. I should have remembered that no means no. But I was immature and acted like a romeo. Everyone has the right to live his life his way. I am good and a well-wisher too that doesn’t mean someone has to change for me. That only happens on tv. Not in real life. I can be a what-I-see-is-what-I-get kind of person but I really cant force something to happen. Still, I am never giving up hope, never. I will wish it to happen always. But tomorrow I will be posting a sorry note for all the harm, which I never meant to do but did. I’ll keep him as my biggest crush and I’ll end this sweet. Nothing can be sweeter than forgiveness or even just asking for forgiveness and a thank-you. love is great but I can force him to love me back. That’s not in my hands. I dont really know what will happen tomorrow, if I will ever get a reply of my post or not. But atleast my part would be done. Last one year had been great. Knowing him, being friends, being BFFs, being in love (one sided or whatever), being heartbroken (obviously for my own fault), trying to get over and not being able too, everything was superb. Thank you dude for being in my life, being my best friend when I needed one most. Sorry, sorry that I wasted the friendship bringing love and drama. And goodbye, the way we used to say, “Goodbye, Bro”

Orange&Black (talk) 11:56, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

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